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  1. When you are interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution the following information may assist you. https://www.sar.org/how-to-apply/ If you meet eligibility requirements, the next step is to find a SAR sponsor in close proximity to you (often the local SAR Chapter Registrar). This person will help guide you through the SAR membership application process and can help review information assembled to enter into SAR membership application forms. Visit the link below and click on your state of residence. This will help you get the sponsor needed to proceed. Start Your SAR Membership Application Form An applicant can start entering the necessary data for their SAR membership application form by going to the NSSAR Online Application Form Data Entry System: https://members.SAR.org. Click on "Sign Up," create a login (your email will be your "user name"), create an account password, wait to receive an account creation confirmation email, from the confirmation email login again to your account, click on "My Applications," and "Start" an online application form. A step by step pdf file guide to entering data into the system can be provided by the chapter Registrar. Once an applicant has started an SAR online application form and designated an SAR chapter, the designated chapter Registrar will be able to view online the applicant entered application names, dates, places and reference citations and will be able to provide guidance to the applicant and collaborate online with the applicant to achieve a complete SAR membership application. Some SAR chapters and SAR state societies do not use the NSSAR Online Application Form Data Entry System and instead use the PDF, Microsoft Word or SAR APAID SAR membership application forms described on the "Join Now!" "Start Your Application" page of the SAR . org website. If your relative is already in the SAR database you can go to this link.... to request the official papaerwork. https://www.sar.org/request-a-record-copy/ Guide-to-Completing-SAR-Membership-Applications.pdf SAR-Application-Formatting-Guide.pdf SAR-PDF-Application.pdf
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