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  1. This is by far the best link to handwriting examples, depicted even through the years in both lower case and upper case. Just the best study guide for churchbook work I have found to date. https://landesarchiv.hessen.de/lesehilfen
  2. http://www.hamburger-passagierlisten.de/ View full record
  3. https://berufsgenealogie.net/german/files/Allgemeine-Leitlinien.pdf This link provides a concept standard for their work. It is written in German and quite detailed.
  4. Are you looking for your ancestors, who emigrated from Baden, Württemberg or Hohenzollern in the last few centuries? Do you want to consult emigration records? Are you interested in reading travel tales or emigrants' letters? Do you want to know more about famous emigrants in order to gain a better understanding of the relationship between Baden, Württemberg, Hohenzollern and foreign countries? http://www.auswanderer-bw.de/sixcms/detail.php?template=a_artikel&id=6441&sprache=de View full record
  5. These topic pages of the regional history.net internet portal deal with the history of emigration in Rhineland-Palatinate. Additional content and functions are planned. Please take a look at our project description for more information. http://www.auswanderung-rlp.de/startseite.html View full record
  6. The "Ordinance on the Emigrants with Local or Foreign Ships" of October 1, 1832 was the first state law in Germany to protect emigrants. Among other things, it provided for the keeping of passenger lists. The "Verification Bureau for Emigrants" founded in 1851 by the Bremen Chamber of Commerce made a significant contribution to improving the conditions of residence and transport. Here the captains had to submit their passenger lists. In 1875, the Bremen Immigration Service agreed to destroy the passenger lists except for the last three years. This happened due to a lack of space in the archive and was carried out until 1907. Lists of names of emigrants who had been created by the police department since 1898 and the lists of the verification office from October 1905 fell victim to a bomb attack in World War II. In the archive of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce today there are 3017 of originally more than 4500 passenger lists from the years 1920 to 1939. In 1942 these lists, together with other archival documents, were moved to a salt mine in Bernburg an der Saale for their protection. After the end of World War II, they came into Soviet possession and were brought to the Moscow archives. http://www.passagierlisten.de/ View full record
  7. Updated PDF with some very nice information. https://landesarchiv.hessen.de/sites/landesarchiv.hessen.de/files/content-downloads/HLA Handreichung für Genealogen.pdf
  8. GER

    Marburger Sippenburg

    Das Marburger Sippenbuch ist ein Ortsfamilienbuch für die Stadt Marburg, das die Bewohner Marburgs aller Konfessionen im Zeitraum von 1500 bis 1850 berücksichtigt. Es besteht aus 23 Einzelbänden, die maschinenschriftlich in nur wenigen Exemplaren in den Jahren 1950 bis 1966 erstellt wurden. Initiiert wurde das Projekt zunächst von Otto Stölzel. Der eigentliche Bearbeiter war Dr. Kurt Stahr mit einem kleinen Kreis von Helfern. 1989 veröffentlichte die Gesellschaft für Familienkunde in Kurhessen und Waldeck e.V. (GFKW) einen (1.) Nachtragsband, der als 24. Band bezeichnet wurde. http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Marburger_Sippenbuch View full record
  9. Arcinsys Hessen – the archival information system of the Hessen Federal State Archives and other archives in Hessen. Developed in cooperation with the federal states of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and Schleswig-Holstein. It is a common system for users and employees and it covers the full range of offers and functions of the archives. https://arcinsys.hessen.de/arcinsys/start View full record
  10. Lexica and Dictionaries Atlases and Maps Views and Images Topics Bibliography and Links Sources https://www.lagis-hessen.de/ View full record
  11. GER

    Archiv Portal

    You can access the contents of the Archivportals-D via various accesses and research channels. Simple search options are supplemented by search options that are tailored to specific requirements in the field of archives. In addition to a simple and expanded search, there is also the option of navigating through the hierarchical structures from tectonics to inventory and classification to individual title recordings. https://www.archivportal-d.de/info/hilfe/ View full record
  12. GER


    The Wiesbaden Archives of Hesse
  13. GER

    Haus der Geschichte_Darmstadt

    The Darmstadt Archives of Hesse
  14. Bezeichnung der Institution: Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt Zusatz: Haus der Geschichte Straße: Karolinenplatz 3 Postleitzahl: 64289 Ort: Darmstadt Telefon: (06151) 16 - 263 00 Telefax: (06151) 16 - 263 01 E-Mail (Poststelle): darmstadt@hla.hessen.de Homepage: landesarchiv.hessen.de/dienststellen/hessisches-staatsarchiv-darmstadt Öffnungszeiten : sonst: Montag, 9:00 Uhr bis 19:30 Uhr Dienstag bis Donnerstag, 9:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr Freitag, 9:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr View full record
  15. A direct link to the Wiesbaden pages. landesarchiv.hessen.de/dienststellen/hessisches-hauptstaatsarchiv-wiesbaden And the email address: wiesbaden@hla.hessen.de Titel: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Bezeichnung der Institution: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Straße: Mosbacher Str. 55 Postleitzahl: 65187 Ort: Wiesbaden Telefon: 0611/881-0 Telefax: 0611/881-145
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