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  1. The Westminster Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets and makes accessible the history of Westminster, Massachusetts. We are a private non-profit, membership-based organization serving anyone with an interest in the history of Westminster. Everyone’s invited to become a member. Meetings will take place at 7 pm at the Historical Society, 110 Main Street, unless otherwise stated. Please note that regular monthly membership meetings will be on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The public is always invited and refreshments will be served. http://www.westminsterhistory.com/ The Westminster Historical Society maintains a collection of resources for research at their headquarters at 110 Main Street in Westminster. The collection focuses on all aspects of Westminster’s history – its citizens, businesses, organizations and the land which makes up the town. Use of the Library resources here by you is free. Material does not circulate but photocopying is available at the discretion of Historical Society staff. Laptop computers are allowed. The Historical Society has regular weekly hours (see Contact Us), and other times by appointment. If you have a special request, it is always helpful to call the Curator, Betsy Hannula, 978-874-0430 or email BetsyHannula@gmail.com Visit us: 110 Main Street Westminster, MA 01473 Write to us: PO Box 177 Westminster, MA 01473 Call or fax us: 978-874-5569 Like this
  2. For over 30 years, the West Boylston Historical Society has served the town by researching and preserving our unique history. We are based at our headquarters at 65 Worcester Street, the historic Bigelow Tavern. http://www.wbhistory.org/ We have no paid employees. Our staffing is entirely volunteer, and we always welcome more help. As our museum operation grows, we will be glad to train new people as researchers and docents. For information, please contact us 508-835-6971. If you are looking for birth and death records for West Boylston residents, the best place to start is the Town Clerk's Office of the Town of West Boylston. Contact the Town Clerk and submit a Public Records Request.
  3. Purpose of the Historical Society - To promote research and learning in the history of Sutton; to acquire, preserve and protect property, both real and personal, having historical significance; to establish a museum to display documents, relics, and objects; to promote the celebration of patriotic and historical anniversaries; to record events both past and contemporary, for the purpose of publication... http://www.suttonmass.org/histsoc/ The BULLETIN is is published quarterly and mailed to all members, to surrounding town libraries/historical societies, the Boston Library, the Smithsonian Institute and others. A facsimile of one Bulletin issue was printed in the EPIGRAPHIC JOURNAL that went to libraries, universities and museums in 27 countries worldwide. Also, the Society holds monthly meeting that feature historical/informational subjects and cooperates with the schools in historical projects. The Society owns three historical buildings, and occupies as a museum and headquarters in a town-owned building. Responsibility for the maintenance of these buildings is a function of the Society. Contact Sutton Historical Society General Rufus Putnam Hall 4 Uxbridge Road Sutton, MA 01590
  4. The Historical Society has put on many exhibits in our Museum over the years. We have permanent exhibits as well as special exhibits that are updated periodically. http://www.southboroughhistory.org/ Southborough Historical Society Post Office Box 364, 25 Common Street Southborough, Massachusetts 01772 E-mail: contact info@southboroughhistory.org
  5. Around here we like our history. At the Northborough Historical Society we like history so much that not only have we been preserving Northborough's history for more than one hundred years, but we have also been learning it, enjoying it, teaching it, and making it! When the Society was founded in 1906, Reverend Josiah C. Kent stated that "The facts of Northborough history should be collected and thus preserved from oblivion," and that is what we have been doing ever since. Our museum and archives are open to the public, and we continue to offer free monthly programs that highlight local, regional and national history http://northboroughh...calsociety.org/ Phone: 508.393.6298 For questions about the museum, museum tours, our archives and special exhibits, contact our Curator Ellen Racine at Info@NorthboroughHistoricalSociety.org For questions about historical research and genealogy, contact our Historian Robert Ellis at Historian@NorthboroughHistoricalSociety.org For questions about membership, contact our Membership Secretary Jenifer Kahn Bakkala at MembershipSecretary@NorthboroughHistoricalSociety.org
  6. Welcome to the Lunenburg Historical Society The Lunenburg Historical Society in Lunenburg, Massachsetts was founded in 1897 to promote an understanding of the history of Lunenburg, Massachusetts by collecting, preserving and exhibiting our shared history. Look for new updates to the site and our future online exhibitions. If you enjoy looking through the images online please consider making a donation below so we can digitize the rest of the collection and create interactive displays both online and at the historical society. http://www.lunenburghistory.org/ Lunenburg Historical Society 10 School Street, Lunenburg, MA 01462 President: C. William Lakso info@lunenburghistory.org 978-582-0858
  7. The Historical Society is located at the old brick schoolhouse, formerly Field School, (behind City Hall) on 17 School Street, Leominster, Massachusetts. We welcome community use of the Society's resources for research, and all are welcome to view exhibits at the Society Museum. Please call ahead for school groups. http://www.leominsterhistorical.org/ Members receive the Society's quarterly newsletter, advance notice of public programs, and are invited to member-only exhibits and receptions. Both historic and genealogical research at the Society are free for members. Exciting things are happening at the Society!
  8. The Holden Historical Society was founded in 1967. Our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the documents and artifacts of Holden's history so that the present and future generations will understand and appreciate Holden's history. We also present programs and activities of an historical or general interest to the community. We are a volunteer organization, and membership is open to all individuals, businesses, and community organizations that share an interest in Holden's past and wish to support our activities. The Historical Society is a non-profit 501[c]3 organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible. http://www.holdenhistory.org/ Gift shop items are available at the Hendricks House, 1157 Main Street, Holden, MA, on most Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon. Contact the Curator: csteach@charter.net Holden Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 421, Holden, MA 01520. Like this
  9. Founded in 1897, the Harvard Historical Society has had its history recorded in the HISTORY OF HARVARD, 1894-1941a work commissioned by the Society and compiled by Ida Harris, and in DIRECTIONS OF A TOWN, compiled by Robert Anderson in 1976. Under the leadership of a small nucleus of loyal and dedicated individuals, the Society has tried to bring together people interested in the history of their community. Its goal of preserving Harvard’s past for Harvard’s future has led it to collect materials which illustrate the history of the town, such as those pertaining to exploration, settlements, economics, social, religious and political development. This collection includes histories, genealogies, biographies, descriptive literature, dictionaries, newspapers, pamphlets, catalogues, circulars, handbills, local posters and programs. Unpublished materials, including letters, diaries, journals, reminiscences, military rosters, service records, business records, account books, charts, and surveys are also a part of the archival collection. Artifacts such as furniture, household goods, costumes, farm implements tools, simple machines, china and silver comprise some of the museum collection, as well as photographs, portraits, paintings, prints, maps, mineral specimens and firearms. The Harvard Historical Society arouses interest in the past by operating a small museum and providing school services. It also publishes historical materials, holds public meetings, presents programs and marks historic sites within the town. http://www.harvardhistory.org/ Mailing address: Harvard Historical Society PO Box 542 Harvard, Massachusetts 01451 We are located at: The Still River Baptist Church 215 Still River Road Still River, Massachusetts Telephone: 978-456-8285 email: curator@harvardhistory.org Open: Monday and Tuesday 1:00- 5:00 p.m. An appointment is recommended. The Harvard Historical Society is located at 215 Still River Road in Harvard, MA. Wet spring weather may limit parking on the premises so be prepared to park on the street.
  10. The Fitchburg Historical Society is a private non-profit membership-based organization. Anyone may become a member by paying annual dues. Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and make accessible the history of Fitchburg. The Research Library is our most used resource. Hundreds of people every year look through our photo files, street directories, maps, documents, paintings, artifacts, and books, and find just the information they need to complete a project. We also have a substantial collection of artifacts that are available for research upon request. http://www.fitchburg...calsociety.org/ Volunteers are busy cataloging archives and objects and placing information about them into a computerized database and once there it can be researched on line. The Society conducts a number of different programs for the general public, for organizations and student groups. We also work closely with a number of organizations to improve the quality of life in Fitchburg. Among them are Fitchburg State University, the city of Fitchburg including the Mayor’s Office, the Fitchburg Public Schools and other governmental agencies, and the Fitchburg Cultural Alliance. 781 Main Street Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 953 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Telephone 978-345-1157 E-mail: welcome@fitchburghistoricalsociety.com
  11. Volunteers are always welcomed. We usually ask our volunteers to help us ONE Saturday per month, 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteers may be asked to do a number of things--give basic tours (once you know the building well enough), catalog materials, clean furniture and glassware, file paperwork, key in material on our computer, help set up or take down an exhibit, do some basic research, or help for special events (i.e., decorate the Christmas tree, etc.) If you cannot help us on Saturdays, we have programs of interest (slide shows, lectures, exhibits, etc.) once a month during the week. You could help with the program, refreshments, give tours, or just watch over the exhibit area. Those programs usually begin at 7 p.m. and end by 9 p.m. If you can donate 2-3 hours a month, we'd love to have you help us out! Just call 978-368-0084 any Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. http://www.clintonhistorical.org/ The Clinton Historical Society is located at: The Holder Memorial 210 Church Street Clinton, Massachusetts 01510 Phone: 978-368-0084 Email: chinfo@clintonhistorical.org We are open each Saturday from 9am to noon. Our mailing address is PO Box 286, Clinton, MA 01510
  12. The mission of the Charlton Historical Society is to further the interest and appreciation of the history of the Town of Charlton, including but not limited to preserving, restoring, and maintaining the Rider Tavern as the home of the Charlton Historical Society, and the grounds thereto and its environs. And to acquire appropriate furnishings of the period of the Tavern and to provide public access to the building on a regular basis, and to encourage the preservation of other historic structures and sites. http://www.charltonh...calsociety.org/ The Charlton Historical Society strives to: 1. collect, preserve and own such records, books, manuscripts written or printed, maps and other materials as may be deemed worthy of a place in its archives. 2. perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who have made such contributions to the history and development of Charlton as to render them worthy of recognition, and to encourage the preparation of publications on historical subjects. 3. cooperate with and support the annual observance of Old Home Day, and the observance of other historic occasions. 4. secure and support historic locations and structures within the Town. 5. acquire by grant, gift, purchase, devise or bequest, and to hold and dispose of such property, real and personal, as the purpose of the society shall require for the benefit of the members. 6. do any and all thing in addition to the purposes stated above, but not in derogation thereof, as allowed under the provisions of Chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts.
  13. The Boylston Historical Society and Museum is open for visiting and/or research each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9 AM until 12 NOON or by appointment. Phone, Email or write us with your name, phone number, and a short message about your inquiry. http://www.boylstonh...y.org/index.php "Preserving the Past for the Future" PO Box 459, Boylston, MA 01505 Phone: 508-869-2720
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