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  1. Part of a series published by the Society of the Cincinnati. https://www.societyofthecincinnati.org/pdf/downloads/exhibition_Delaware.pdf View full record
  2. Part of a series published by the Society of the Cincinnati. https://www.societyofthecincinnati.org/pdf/downloads/exhibition_Delaware.pdf
  3. The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society celebrates the founding and history of Rehoboth Beach through the operations of the Rehoboth Beach museum. Founded in 1975, the Society preserves and displays showcase artifacts that illustrate the development of the community. We provide this by having events such as the annual Beach Ball, luncheons that include lectures, trips, tours, exhibits and other programs. The exhibits range from vintage postcards and bathing suits to original Civil War era maps and train schedules. We also have an active group of volunteers. Society members receive free museum admission, newsletters, free admission to lectures and other activities and notice of ticketed events. Please visit the museum and join us for one of our fun and educational programs. http://www.rehobothbeachmuseum.org/ The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting public knowledge of and participation in the preservation of the history, culture, architecture, and special character of Rehoboth Beach. Like this
  4. With the success of the Lippincott button factory, smaller cutting shops emerged around Milton. The Excelsior Pearl Button Works on Atlantic Street (now Cave Neck Road) was managed by Harmon Lewis, who had previously managed the larger Lippincott Button Factory. At its peak, Excelsior employed between 30-35 workers. http://www.miltonhis...calsociety.com/ Mission Statement: The Milton Historical Society is a nonprofit cultural and educational organization dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of the history of Milton and the Broadkill Hundred. The Society collects, preserves, and interprets stories, artifacts and documents related to Milton and the Broadkill Hundred for study and education. We welcome the participation of people of all ages in sharing informative and engaging experiences that will encourage them to discover and appreciate their heritage. We're a small, but mighty historical society and museum located in Southern Delaware. We're all about promoting local history and creating a center for community engagement. The Milton Historical Society was founded in 1970 when the town recognized the importance of preserving the history of Milton and the Broadkill Hundred. The museum is located in a former Methodist Church that was originally built in 1857. Lydia Black Cannon, a resident of Milton, purchased the building and donated it to the MHS to house its growing collection. The building was renovated and reopened in 2006 to serve as Milton's museum, lecture hall, art gallery, education and research center, and as the social center of our community.
  5. Around 1960, a local newspaper columnist named Marjorie Virden wrote several articles for the local papers lamenting the fact that many of Lewes' fine eighteenth century buildings were rapidly disappearing. Particular attention was called to the plight of the David Rowland House on Front Street, which carries in its foundation a cannonball memento of the War of 1812 and the Bombardment of Lewes in April of 1813. Over the years, the house had been so neglected that the interior brick nogging was visible through missing shingles. One day in 1961, a group of concerned citizens including Robert Orr, Ginnie Orr, and Sarah Chambers were sailing down the canal towards Roosevelt Inlet. As they passed the Rowland House, someone remarked that despite much talk, no action had been taken to save Lewes's historic architecture. That same evening, Mrs. Orr held a meeting at her house for dozens of concerned citizens. Soon after, a general meeting was held to organize The Lewes Historical Society. Temporary officers were selected, invitations sent - with excellent results - to prospective members, and The Lewes Historical Society was officially founded on January 19, 1962. https://www.historiclewes.org/ We’ve been busy collecting objects, archives, photographic images and library materials that document life in Lewes and on Lower Delaware Bay since 1962. From works of art, furnishings, papers, photographs, small wooden crafts, books and everything in between, the Society’s collections aim to be encyclopedic when it comes to “The Saltiest Town in Delaware.” The Society is Lewes’s memory: our oldest piece dates from c. 1580 and the most recent from literally yesterday; our goal is really to record and remember as much as we can. This site is the access point to our collections and databases, opening up hundreds of years of history to students, researchers and anyone interested in the First Town in the First State. Please check back often as updates and additions will be made frequently. We look forward to seeing your comments and recollections about the people and places that have made – and continue to make – Lewes the unique place it is. Our holdings grow thanks to generous donors who continue to provide the bulk of our collections. If you have a collection – or a single item – that helps us understand, remember or appreciate even just a little bit more about old Lewestown, please consider donating it to the Society or leaving it to us in your estate plans.
  6. The Laurel Historical Society has worked for over thirty years to ensure that the rich cultural history of Laurel, Delaware is never lost. Please take some time to look through our site to see the projects that we have done and those that we are currently working on, as well as how you can help to preserve the history of Laurel. Whether you're researching your family tree, you have a passion for history, or you're just curious about times past, the Laurel Historical Society is here to make sure that no portion of our history is forgotten. http://www.laureldeh...calsociety.org/ During the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration that swept our nation, a group of Laurel citizens was appointed to head up programs and activities that would celebrate the two hundredth birthday of the United States. At the close of all of the year-long activities, some visionary members of this initial committee decided that there was a wealth of history associated with our area. They felt that it needed to be remembered, preserved, and passed down to future generations. To this end, the Laurel Historical Society was incorporated in January 1977, with the group's first meeting occurring the following April. From that initial group of sixty individuals, the Society has grown to a membership of over two hundred people. The members care deeply about Laurel and want to preserve the memories of growing up in a tight-knit, rural community for future generations. Thirty years ago there were no cell phones, no computers, nothing digital. Sussex County was also a lot less crowded. In those same thirty years, we have grown from a group with no home to one with two properties, a museum, and a wealth of artifacts, documents, decorative arts, and memorabilia of times past.
  7. The Seaford Historical Society invites you to visit two of the most unique sites in the local area. The Governor Ross Plantation is the only site in Delaware that describes plantation life around the Civil War period. Learn about the life of a governor, slavery in Sussex County, and enjoy expansive grounds with auxiliary buildings that were necessary for the operation of a large plantation. The Seaford Museum has a fun, intimate flavor that follows an historic timeline with a local perspective. Its fiber optic lighting and unique displays and stories make it a real jewel to visitors. http://www.seafordhi...calsociety.com/ The Seaford Museum is a proud member of the Chesapeake Gateways and Watertrails Network in partnership with the National Park Service. Throughout the Chesapeake Bay region, less than 200 "exceptional parks, wildlife refuges, museums, sailing ships and historic communities" have been selected to represent the authentic Bay experience for those who wish to discover in the Bay history and culture. Our role, as one of only two Gateway sites within the State of Delaware, is to tell the story of the Nanticoke headwaters nearly forty miles upriver from Tangier Sound in the middle of the Delmarva Peninsula. The Seaford Museum, a spectacular small museum, is honored to be a part of the National Park Service experience. Visiting any Gateway partner is a perfect way to learn more about the beautiful, historic Chesapeake Bay. Visiting the Seaford Museum will provide you with a delightful, unique experience journeying into the history and culture of the Nanticoke River headwaters, the most pristine river flowing into America's largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay. Come and be amazed!
  8. USDE

    Town: Middletown DE

    Middletown, Delaware, located about 24 miles south of Wilmington, is an early crossroads town, one of the old Delaware towns not on a navigable waterway. It was originally a tavern stop about half-way on the old cart road that extends across the peninsula between Appoquinimink Creek in Odessa and Bohemia Landing on the eastern branch of the Bohemia River in Maryland; thus the name, “Middletown.” Oxen pulled carts loaded with produce and materials between the ports of Cantwell’s Bridge (Odessa) and Bohemia Landing. This was the shortest route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Chesapeake Bay before the construction of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. In 1675, Adam Peterson took on warrants for the land which later became the town of Middletown, the first survey being made in 1678. Later, his widow married David Witherspoon, a native of Londonderry, Ireland, and they settled upon the King’s Highway at the crossroads, first known as Mrs. Blackston’s Corner. The Witherspoon’s Tavern was built at this site in 1762. A fire destroyed the upper portion of this building on Feb. 14, 1946, but the first floor remains. The cornerstone is still in the original part of the building. Middletown was incorporated on Feb. 12, 1861. The first town council decided the town should be one mile square, commencing at the corner of the crossroads and extending one-half mile in each direction. Thus it was known as the “Diamond Town of the Diamond State.” As the town has grown, its boundaries have extended in each direction. Among the oldest buildings in town is the Middletown Academy, erected in 1826. This was the former town hall on North Broad Street. It now houses the Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce and the Middletown Historical Society. The memorial at Cochran Square – the “Four Corners” – was originally erected to honor the memory of men killed in World War I. Today, it honors all war heroes. Like this
  9. USDE

    Place: Delaware City

    From the stoic walls of Fort Delaware to the unique shops and attractions along our beautiful canal, Delaware City offers plenty of fun, food, shopping and entertainment to visitors. Just minutes from Wilmington, and within an easy drive of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Delaware City is a great escape for adventurers of all ages. The Van Amringe Building, 85-93 Clinton St, Delaware City, DE. Built in 1830, the Sterling Building served as a storehouse and residence at the Delaware Bay entrance to the original Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. It remains a prominent attraction on the revitalized historic Delaware City waterfront. http://www.delawarec...aware-city.html Affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Main Street Delaware City, Inc. is committed to assisting residents, local merchants, and property owners in enhancing their property values, boosting their businesses, and promoting a healthy community where people want to live and work. Like this
  10. The Port Penn Area Historical Society was formed in June 1981. The Society’s purpose is to collect, preserve, care for, maintain, instruct, and encourage public interest in all matters, facts and things of any nature relating to history. Please consider assisting us in our current endeavor. All donations are tax deductible. http://www.portpenn.org/ Port Penn Area Historical Society, Inc., PO Box 120, Port Penn, DE 19731 phone: 302.834.7525, fax: 302.656.7885 Like this
  11. The Newark Historical Society is an all-volunteer association of people and businesses who are interested in the history of the Newark, Delaware area. This group includes current and former residents, business leaders, civic groups, University of Delaware faculty, students, administrators, and alumni, researchers, genealogists, and many others who are focused on Newark, Delaware and the surrounding area. If you would like to hear, touch, and see the story of Newark, Delaware, or if you want to contribute in any way to the telling of that story, this is the group for you. Click on the links to the left for more information about the Newark Historical Society. http://www.newarkdeh...historical.html On April 13, 1758, King George II of England granted a charter to a "piece of land ten miles west of New Castle at the crossing of two very public roads," the same piece of land known today as Newark, Delaware. Centering on the city's Main Street, the earliest function of Newark was that of a market town. Later manufacturing, railroads, and the University of Delaware drove the growth of the old market town into a modern city. The Newark Historical Society was formed in the fall of 1981, after a small group of residents, business people, professionals, educators, and students decided that such an organization was desirable in order "to preserve and celebrate Newark's past." The Society was incorporated, and soon began to sponsor public meetings and exhibits of artifacts in various locations around town.
  12. The Middletown Academy opened its doors in October of 1826 as a private academy until 1876, when it became part of the public school system. In 1840, the school had 33 pupils. It is now owned by the Town of Middletown and is shared by the Middletown Historical Society with the Middletown Chamber of Commerce. http://www.middletowndehistory.com/ Our mission is to collect, preserve, educate, and encourage the development of Middletown’s history in order to foster historic awareness and pride in our community. During your visit you can also take your children to the “Please Touch” room which has an array of reproduction old-fashioned toys and books. The room is adjacent to the research room and near the exhibit spaces upstairs. Children are invited to stay and play in the room as visitors conduct research.
  13. Claymont has been a continuous settlement near the mouth of the Naaman's Creek on the Delaware River since at least A.D. 1200, with evidence of its original inhabitants along both banks pointing to the Middle Woodland period (1100-1600 B.C.). The first western inhabitants named the creek and settlement after the Lenape chief who occupied the region. The area developed from a primarily agricultural community in the mid-19th century into a suburban resort area for wealthy Philadelphia families, and in the early 20th century into an industrial working community. http://claymonthisto...de-history.html During the colonial period, the town served as a stop along the King’s Highway, and with its location at the confluence of Interstate 95, Interstate 495, Governor Printz Boulevard and Philadelphia Pike, has long been a thoroughfare for travel north) and Washington, D.C. (100 miles to the south). Claymont was so-named in 1856 upon the efforts of the wife of Reverend Clemson, pastor of the Episcopal church, after they had relocated from their family plantation, Claymont Court, in Charles Town, West Virginia.
  14. The New Castle Historical Society's three museums tell unique and distinct stories about the town's past and its residents. From Dutch laborers and British colonial governors to prominent American architects, the New Castle Historical Society celebrates New Castle's diverse history from the town's 17th century founding through the preservation efforts of the 21st century. Treasure your stay amid the old world charm of Old New Castle on the Delaware, with its cobblestone streets, town green, and quaint shopping district. Huddle around the fireplace in the house of humble laborers and see where they slept after a hard days work. Step into Governor Van Dyke's front parlor, where George Washington once helped to celebrate a wedding. Feel the warmth of the patina of timeless American and European antiques. Stroll the brick paths of early gardens of boxwood, perennials, and herbs. http://newcastlehist...uses/visit.html The New Castle Historical Society operates three historic buildings for guided tours for individuals and groups. The Society is also involved in educating the public about the history of New Castle through exhibits, programs, lectures, publications, and resource materials. The Society works to promote historical awareness and encourage the preservation of historical architecture and material culture of New Castle. The New Castle Historical Society is an incorporated, non-profit membership organization, with 501 © 3 IRS status. Donations to the Society are therefore deductible. There is an 18-member Board of Directors, who oversee its management. Staff consists of an executive director, education coordinator, office manager, events marketing manager and 15 guides. Nearly 50 volunteers work on various Society functions.
  15. Our purpose is to create and build interest in preserving and collecting historical records of the Lower Delmarva Peninsula, to take an active part in collecting records and making them available for others to use, and to share ideas and information on genealogical research. We invite you to browse around on our web site. Start with the links at the left margin and find out about our activities, programs and speakers, resources and publications, and membership. We'd love to have you join us as we learn about and explore our Delmarva ancestry! http://www.ldgs.org/ Like this
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