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  1. As one of the earliest English settlements in the country, York became the seat of government for the Province of Maine and thrived as a center of maritime commerce. Through the centuries, York has remained a destination for people seeking refuge in its natural beauty and pace of life. These qualities continue to captivate visitors with the beauty, culture and history of the area. Come to Old York and let us engage you in an afternoon, a day, or a lifetime of coastal Maine’s heritage. http://oldyork.org/
  2. Freeport Historical Society (FHS) encourages the sharing and enjoyment of the long history of Freeport, Maine. FHS actively preserves buildings, archival materials and artifacts of historical importance while encouraging similar efforts within the community; undertakes research and develops educational programs and exhibits which explore and interpret Freeport’s history; and encourages related community activities which keep our rich past present. http://freeporthistoricalsociety.org/
  3. Located at Bethel, Maine (established in 1768 and incorporated in 1796), the Museums of the Bethel Historical Society collect, preserve, display, and interpret the history of western Maine and the White Mountain region of Maine and New Hampshire through exhibits, lectures, events, and publications. The Museums of the Bethel Historical Society feature eight exhibit galleries and nine period rooms spread throughout two buildings—the 1821 O'Neil Robinson House and the 1813 Dr. Moses Mason House. The Museums also maintain an extensive library and archival collection of books, manuscr
  4. Bangor, Maine, has a powerful past filled with heartwarming stories, commanding personalities and influential events that shaped the Queen City as we know it. At the Bangor Historical Society we’re committed to preserving, protecting and sharing the rich history of Bangor and her people. We offer a variety of programming, walking tours and special events. We also believe in being a part of our city’s vibrant community and welcome collaborations with our community partners. All of our activities are supported solely through the generous support of our members and friends. Memberships star
  5. Founded by a group of 16 local citizens in 1888, the Pejepscot Historical Society is among the oldest historical societies in the state of Maine. The organization grew quickly after it was founded, acquiring its first building at 14 School Street for exhibits and educational programs in 1892. Because the building (now the Theater Project) lacked heat, in 1974 the Society moved to a year-round facility at 11 Lincoln Street. Within a decade, the organization would experience its biggest change when three separate properties were acquired: the Skolfield-Whittier House, donated to the Society by D
  6. The purpose of the Westbrook Historical Society is to bring together those people interested in the history of Westbrook, Maine and to discover, collect, and preserve any materials and objects that establish and illustrate the history of the area. The members of the Society are the stewards of the heritage of our city. Westbrook has an exceedingly rich and diverse history, richer than most. We don't want any of it to be lost or forgotten, and with these motives we have become central to its preservation. In fact, our motto is, "A Society That Preserves the Past." We do that as surrogates
  7. The Yarmouth Historical Society has one of the finest local history collections in Maine. The Society exhibits this collection at the Yarmouth History Center at 118 East Elm Street, Yarmouth, Maine. At the Center, visitors can view some of the collection’s thousands of objects, archives, and photographs that document our heritage from the early history to yesterday. The History Center offers interpretive exhibitions, educational lectures, collections care, school and community programs, local history and genealogical resources, a museum shop, and the Hamill Community Room, an event space
  8. The Kennebunkport Historical Society is a non-profit member supported organization, established in 1952 with the purpose of preserving and presenting the history, art and culture of Kennebunkport. The Society has continued this scholarly tradition for nearly 60 years and has greatly expanded its scope and outreach. The Society maintains the Pasco Center as space for insightful and engaging exhibitions on regional subjects. We continue to honor the mission of the society to preserve Kennebunkport’s social, cultural, and architectural history – with the goal of making these more accessible, more
  9. The Rockland Historical Society was organized in 1977, as the Shore Village Historical Society, to collect and preserve the history of the Rockland area. The collection of the Rockland Historical Society includes: photographs, documents, books, newspapers, and artifacts relating to local families, businesses, and organizations. The collection includes information on local industries such as: lime, granite, fishing, shipbuilding, and other important seacoast businesses and industries. It includes the archives of four local newspapers; several large historic photograph collections; and inform
  10. Our Mission The Unity Historical Society is dedicated to the collection and preservation of historical materials related to the town of Unity. Further, the Society will make this information available to individuals and/or organizations interested in historical research. https://unityhistoricalsociety.wordpress.com/
  11. The Belfast Historical Society and Museum is dedicated to the collection, conservation, preservation and interpretation of artifacts relevant to Belfast history. Visitors to the Museum will enjoy vintage photographs, maps, postcard collections and interpretive displays. An extensive archives and library are available for research. http://www.belfastmuseum.org/
  12. Upcoming Programs Thursday, October 20, 2016, 7 p.m. - Ramblin' Richard, "Historic American Songs" - Our Beloved Songs & their Amazing Stories" Concerts (Evening Concerts are at 7:30pm) Saturday, November 19th, 2016 - Pianist Ilya Kazantsev and Cellist Sergey Antonov Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Southern Rail, Bluegrass Concert http://www.sanfordhistory.org/
  13. The Thomaston Historical Society is an active group with many offerings including meetings with interesting guest speakers that are open to the public free of charge; a long list of publications in which they have been involved by either publishing or supplying the historic material for their writing; celebrating the birthday of General Henry Knox each July in cooperation with The General Henry Knox Museum; opening one of the many historic houses in Thomaston for two days of public viewing during the month of December called "Home for the Holidays" and running a very interesting museum where o
  14. The purpose of the Leeds Historical Society is to educate the public about the history of the town of Leeds, Maine; to preserve historical records, landmarks, and artifacts related to Leeds; to promote interest in the town’s history and to provide opportunities to celebrate the heritage of the town. Since August 2004, the collection is housed in the 1822 original Town House located on Rt. 106 in the center of town. https://sites.google.com/site/leedshistsoc/
  15. The Androscoggin Historical and Antiquarian Society, as it was first called, was conceived on June 10, 1922, at a meeting of the Mary Dillingham Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The meeting was an outing held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bryant in South Lewiston, a colonial home containing many historical items. It's reported that talk turned to preserving such relics and that Mrs. Helen Frye White and Mrs. Alice Frye Briggs, daughters of Senator William P. Frye, expressed the need for a place where their father's valuable collection could be safely kept.
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