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  1. A really cool digital project is going on in Rhode Island. Part of the Historical Society, but wow, they have a lot of records coming on line. So very exicting!
  2. Through the Rhode Island History Online Directory Initiative (RHODI), the Rhode Island Historical Society (RIHS) is determined to fulfill its mission as a platform for connectivity and participation by using digital technology to increase the history and heritage sector’s visibility, access to peer networks, grassroots support, fundraising capacity, transparency, and the dissemination of messages ranging from education to advocacy. https://www.rihs.org/rhodi/
  3. The RIHS holds the largest and most important historical collections relating to Rhode Island. These collections include 25,000 museum objects, more than 100,000 printed books, 110,000 photographs, 3,400 sound recordings (including oral histories and music), 9 million feet of moving picture film, over 1,100 manuscript collections (measuring over 7,000 linear feet), 3,400 maps, 20,000 prints, 16,000 pieces of ephemera, 15,000 architectural drawings, and several smaller, miscellaneous categories of historical holdings. These collections grow every year, due to gifts and purchases. The RIHS owns and maintains the John Brown House Museum (52 Power Street, Providence), a National Historic Landmark built in 1788; the Aldrich House (110 Benevolent Street, Providence), also a National Historic Landmark, built in 1822; and the Library (121 Hope Street, Providence). The organization also maintains the Museum of Work and Culture (42 South Main Street, Woonsocket), a regional history museum devoted to the history of northern Rhode Island. https://www.rihs.org/library/reference-services/
  4. There is created a permanent advisory commission to study the location, condition, and inventory of historical cemeteries in Rhode Island and to make recommendations to the general assembly relative to historical cemeteries in Rhode Island. There are 39 cities and towns in RI and all have historic cemeteries within their boundaries. These historic cemeteries are a template of the developmental patterns of each community and demonstrate the social and economic growth, as well as the changes throughout each community. It is our hope to formulate and develop plans and programs to restore, rehabilitate and maintain historical cemeteries and locate sources of funds such as grants and individual or corporate sponsors. With this web site we hope to inform the public on where to go for help in regarding historical cemeteries. As an example, if anyone should "find" a cemetery that is not marked or they think not "registered" it should be reported to a Commission member. Along with the information on where this "found" cemetery is should have particulars such as stones with names on them, and possible GPS location. If not GPS than at least street, telephone pole etc. The member would then contact the Historical Cemetery Database to see if it might be on it. If it is not on the database there would be a number given to it. Member would then notify Town Clerk, Planner and Assessor with particulars so they, the Town can register the cemetery. http://rihistoriccemeteries.org/Default.aspx Rhode Island Historic Cemetery Commission Chairperson: Email Pegee Malcolm PO BOX 8993 Warwick RI 02888 Phone: 401-467-8142
  5. Although Rhode Island is a small state, we have a rich history and heritage. RIGS is focused on helping our members research their ancestors and preserve their family histories. Please browse the abundance of resources and services that RIGS provides our members, and, if you have not already joined, please consider becoming a member. https://rigensoc.org/ Contacting RIGS Mailing Address Rhode Island Genealogical Society P.O. Box 211 Hope, Rhode Island 02831 Email General Inquiry: info@rigensoc.org
  6. Founded in 1966, the East Providence Historical Society meetings were originally held at the Roger Williams Grange, Rumford Grange and the former Rumford Community Center. In 1987 the Society was granted a lease from the City to occupy the historic John Hunt House in the picturesque Hunt’s Mills section in Rumford. The house, built between 1750 – 1790, is a 5 bay, center chimney, Georgian style residence typical of a well-to-do family living in a country setting. The John Hunt House functions as a headquarters for regular and special events and is located in the southernmost tip of the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor. Society members and volunteers have repaired and restored the building appropriate to the original design of the house. http://ephist.org/
  7. The Portsmouth Historical Society is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Portsmouth, Rhode Island’s history. Our long term vision is to protect and promote Portsmouth’s cultural heritage by creating a secure and sustainable facility, where, in conjunction with other local organizations, we can store, maintain and display our collection of historic artifacts, offer lectures and research assistance to the public, and stimulate the study of our town’s history for future generations. We strongly believe that the uniqueness of Portsmouth today is defined by our past. The Society fulfills its mission by: Maintaining and providing tours of the historical buildings in its possession: a. The Christian Union Church (1865) b. The Southernmost School (1725) c. The Old Town Hall (c. 1850) . Collecting, conserving and interpreting historical documents and objects linked to historical sites, houses, farms, and families of Portsmouth. Providing direction and resources to assist genealogical and scholarly research related to Portsmouth’s history. Arranging exhibitions which use historical materials to enrich the public’s understanding and appreciation of Portsmouth’s rich history. Presenting programs on topics that build enthusiasm for preserving and supporting our local history. http://portsmouthhistorical.org/
  8. The society was incorporated under the laws of the State or Rhode Island as stated in the articles of association for the purpose of gathering and preserving historical materials relating to western Rhode Island and also to promote the social and cultural life of the area. Over the years, our collection has grown due to the generosity of current and past members. There is a wealth of information about many of the communities in western Rhode Island, as well as various items for furniture, quilts, clothing, and military items. http://www.westernrihistory.org/index.aspx
  9. To procure and preserve whatever relates to the topography, antiquity and natural, civil and ecclesiastical history of the City of Warwick, State of Rhode Island. The Society serves to enrich its members and the citizens of Warwick by contributing to the preservation of its heritage and to the dissemination of knowledge relating to the historical background of the city. The Society shall collect, preserve and display artifacts, pertaining to the city of Warwick and shall be an advocate for the preservation of buildings and sites that are of historical and archaeological significance. http://www.whsri.org/
  10. The entire focus of the Historical Society took a major turn in 1976, when several individuals learned that the former property of one of the Charter members, Myra Appleby, was up for sale. The property had fallen into major disrepair, and following a meeting, each stepped forward into the kitchen of Mr. John Emin, and placed a ten-dollar bill on the counter. It was from this bold move that the work to reclaim and restore a historic home began. Wind whistled through holes in the wall, and certain floorboards and timbers were replaced. There were many hands at work during that time, and untold hours spent in a labor of love. The museum has undergone several transformations over the years, however the character of the house remains unchanged. Soot stained beams and time worn hearthstones in the keeping room; the decorative lambs tongue woodwork, and the chalk signature of Hugh Whipple, Smithfield, October 1755 still visible in the right light. The Smith-Appleby House Museum reflects the best of workmanship and design for a home largely constructed in the 18th Century. Also remarkable is that it is still standing today, much to the credit of the people who have cared for it over the years. In stark contrast to our contemporary mobile society, seven generations of the Smith and Appleby families were in residence until 1959. http://smithapplebyhouse.org/historical-society/
  11. The Burrillville Historical and Preservation Society has been in existence since February of 1970. Since that time, it has strived to preserve the history of our town by oral histories, slide show presentations on the individual villages in Burrillville, working with the Historic District Commission in its placement of Harrisville and Oakland on the National Register, cataloging the cemeteries, and in various other ways. There are many aspects of preservation, but the participation of the people is the most important one. Support us with your ideas, active membership, historical information or articles, and thoughts about the goals this organization should strive to reach in the future. The Burrillville Historical & Preservation Society meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Bridgeton School. All programs are open to the public. http://www.bhps.org/
  12. The Little Compton Historical Society was incorporated in 1937 to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Little Compton for the enrichment and enjoyment of the general public. The Society fulfills this mission by: Maintaining and restoring selected local sites of historical significance including the Wilbor House property dating from 1690 and the early 19th century Friends Meeting House; Collecting, conserving and interpreting historical documents and objects linked to the houses, farms, and families of Little Compton; Conducting education and outreach programs and issuing publications to share information and stimulate interest in the area’s history. https://lchistorical.wordpress.com/
  13. The Newport Historical Society is a multi-faceted history-based institution that has three general areas of activity. It retains and preserves significant collections of artifacts, documents and properties. It supports, generates and collates scholarship on the history of Newport County and its place in American history. And, it develops and delivers a variety of educational programs — exhibits, tours, conferences, publications and other formats — to transmit information and open dialogs with the public about history. As a small organization with significant holdings and a large mission, it is specifically a component of the NHS’ strategic plan to work as much with other organizations as possible to expand its reach. We are relentless collaborators. http://www.newporthistory.org/
  14. The Block Island Historical Society Museum, Gallery & Shop are all located at the 4-way intersection in Old Harbor at 18 Old Town Road/Bridgegate Square across from the bank and Bagel Shop. The white three-story building with cupola and red mansard roof is the headquarters for the Society. The building is listed as part of the National Register Old Harbor Historic District. The museum building originally known as the Woonsocket House ca. 1871,( a hotel & annex with rooms that were rented to summer visitors up until the 1970′s ) was purchased by the Society in 1945. It was the original homestead of Gideon Rose and later rebuilt as a boarding house by A.J. Rose and family. The museum houses an extensive collection of significant artifacts related to Block Island’s history from early Manissean stone tools and points to early New England maritime and farming displays as well as colonial memorabilia and enlarged vintage photographs capturing life during the Victorian age. Two floors of exhibit rooms include fine furniture, Victorian collectibles, textiles, quilts, boat models, tools, fishing gear, historic maps, a reproduction of a Manissean midden, oral history tapes and other interesting displays. http://blockislandhistorical.org/
  15. The Tiverton Historical Society (THS) was chartered in 1879 as an educational and charitable institution under the name “The Whitridge Hall and Bowen Memorial Chapel Association”. For many years, Whitridge Hall provided a meeting place for clubs, church groups, young peoples’ organizations, etc. Lectures and plays were given there. With the large number of modern public meeting places available in Tiverton after 1950, the Hall was sold, and the association has devoted itself as a local historical society. Our headquarters is now located in the Chace-Cory House, 3908 Main Road, at Tiverton Four Corners. http://www.tivertonhistorical.org/
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