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  1. Excellence is never achieved by accident - it is always the result of vision, integrity, planning, and hard work. Excellence is the goal of everything we do in the Weber County Library System (WCLS). But in its pursuit, we never lose sight of the Library's greatest resource, its people. This year, we celebrate our 110th anniversary. Library service in Ogden City had its beginnings in the 1860's, but it was not until 1903 that the Ogden Carnegie Free Library, the first public library building in Utah, opened its doors. In 1968 the Weber County Main Library was dedicated, and the Carnegie Free Library's rich historical collection became the core resource of this new flagship of Utah's first countywide system. This collection has since been systematically enhanced, facilities added, and innovative programs have been created and honed to continually improve services to area residents. http://www.weberpl.lib.ut.us/online-resources/genealogy View full record
  2. The Washington County Historical Society (WCHS) maintains this website as a service to the community. It is available to anyone with internet access. It provides a place to record information about the County's people, places, organizations, and activities and includes links to other such information elsewhere on the web. If you are a first time visitor to this website, please take a moment to become familiar with the ways to find the information you want. The various sections of the website can be accessed by clicking on the keywords appearing on the left edge of each page. The "Subject Index" link on the left side of each page will take you to an alphabetical list of all the subjects on the website. The "Search WCHS Site" will allow you to do a Google search of just the information on this website. There are also handy links built into the text on each page. Please note that normal text is black. Clicking on blue text (changes to red when the cursor passes over it) will link to another related web page. http://www.wchsutah.org/ View full record
  3. The Cache Valley Historical Society formed on October 24th, 1951 as the first local chapter of the Utah State Historical Society. Dues were set at $1.00 for the first 52 members of the Society and Dr. Joel E. Ricks gave the first monthly lecture in the basement of the old library. The first major job if the Society was to encourage the publication of a general history of Cache Valley for the 100th anniversary of Cache Valley settlement and when The History of a Valley came out in 1956 the Society was recognized with an award of merit from the Association for State and Local History. The preservation of historical documents was also a major early focus and in 1953 a partnership began with the Utah State University Library (which continues to this day through the Special Collections and Archives department) for the preservation of pioneer diaries, journals, letters, and photographs. http://www.cachevalleyhistory.com/ View full record
  4. The initial mission statement of the society is, "To preserve and [share] the past of Highland City for a better present and future." As their first project, Greenland, Schoenfeld and other historical society members are working to put together a comprehensive written history of the city. In addition to the written history, the historical society is planning a small museum in the Highland Community Center, 5378 West 10400 North. The museum will display a collection of historical artifacts, for example, household items and small tools. The historical society meets the second Wednesday of each month at Highland City Hall, at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are always open to the public. If you have items you'd like to donate or lend to be displayed at the museum, give Greenland a call at 801-913-5200. http://www.highlandcity.org/index.aspx?nid=433 View full record
  5. The objective of the organization of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers is to preserve our pioneer heritage and to honor the names and memories of those pioneers who came to Utah prior to May 10, 1869. This is the date when the two railroads, one from the East coast and one from the West coast, joined together in Utah. We desire to educate our children and other descendants to appreciate their heritage and those who prepared the way for us. http://www.duptooeleco.org/ View full record
  6. USUT

    Town: Parowan

    It is impossible to say just when the settlement of Parowan actually began. Undoubtedly it was settled centuries ago by Native American Tribes. Native American civilization is evidenced by the many sites containing petroglyphs. Others came also. In 1776, while the continental Congress was deliberating American independence in Philadelphia, Father Escalante was exploring this area. But the settlement that exists here today is traceable and well documented. In 1847 Brigham Young entered the Salt Lake valley which was then Mexican Territory. Young was the leader of the Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and considered a prophet by members of the church. He announced that they had reached the place they were seeking as a refuge from the persecutions they experienced in states like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. http://parowan.org/history/ View full record
  7. Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center PO BOX 603 10 North 600 East, Payson, UT 84651 http://www.peteetneetmuseum.org/ View full record
  8. The Payson Historical Society was founded on June 21, 1989 by the above group of local interested individuals. The purpose and objectives were as follows: To support appropriate state and local legislation for the designation and protection of historic properties. To collect, maintain, and preserve historic items pertinent to Payson City's history. To maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties. To provide for adequate public participation in this historic preservation program, including the process of recommendaing properties to the National Register of Historic Places. http://www.peteetneetmuseum.org/society.htm View full record
  9. USUT

    Place: Syracuse Museum

    About the Museum The Syracuse Museum and Cultural Center celebrates and preserves local history of the city of Syracuse and its early citizens. The main building houses extensive collections of personal belongings that came to Utah in the early pioneer days, Syracuse baseball teams, toys, music, clothing, furniture, and family histories. The Farm and Home building houses items that show the extensive agricultural past of Syracuse when the town was the largest producer of fruit in Davis County in the early 1900s. Dairy production is also emphasized and on display is our claim to fame: the two-headed calf. Also housed in this building is a replica general dry goods store and the town's first fire truck. The Rentmeister Library of Utah history books is nestled between a blacksmith shop and memorabilia from the local soda shop. http://syracuseut.com/Community/DiscoverSyracuse/SyracuseMuseum.aspx View full record
  10. In 1920, women in the area realized the importance of preserving our community’s heritage. They began gathering artifacts, histories, photographs and documents of the area. Those interested in learning about the heritage of the area are invited to visit us at the old Carnegie Library on Main Street in Springville, where you can do personal research, and enjoy hands on activities and games with the family. The Museum is run by volunteers. It is maintained with the Springville-Mapleton Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Company. http://www.springvillepioneermuseum.org/ View full record
  11. to encourage the study of Draper history by establishing a public museum, art gallery, library and archives. to promote the preservation, proper organization and publication of authentic historical records. to acquire and preserve for the use of the Society and the public, objects and materials that illuminate the history of Draper. to undertake historical research into people, sites, buildings, events or issues and to participate in activities aimed at promoting, commermorating and/or, where relevant, preserving and conserving them. to promote the dissemination of information by lectures, seminars, workshops, excursions of historic and geographic interest, and exhibitions. to encourage the establishment of societies with aims consistent with these purposes, to support their activities and to promote a network of regional associations to link them to each other and to the Society. to publish relevant newsletters, journals, presentations and other material. to encourage new memberships in the Society to support and promote these goals and objectives. http://www.draperhistoricalsociety.org/ View full record
  12. The Morgan County Historical Society was established in 1979 and is a department of Morgan County Government. Our office and repository are located in the Centennial Library. The goal of the Society is to preserve the historical record of Morgan County and its people; understanding that the history of our county and its people gives us a better appreciation of our state and national heritage. The primary function of the Society is to research, discover, collect and assemble any materials or information which may help establish, interpret and illustrate the history of Morgan County. The Society collects and preserves biographies, journals, diaries, histories, photographs and germane materials in its archives. All of these materials are available to the public. http://www.morganhistoricalsociety.com/ View full record
  13. Frisco Cemetery Mountain View Cemetery http://www.interment.net/us/ut/beaver.htm View full record
  14. Brigham City Cemetery - WOW Early Plymouth Cemetery Plymouth Cemetery Standrod Cemetery (Cassia County ID) Yost Cemetery http://www.interment.net/us/ut/box_elder.htm View full record
  15. Lindquist, Alfred H., b. 1880, d. 1910, WOW Rozsa, Mary Eliza, b. 1863, d. 1909, Women Simpson, Mary A., b. 1871, d. 1914, Women http://www.interment.net/data/us/ut/cache/logan/logan.htm View full record
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