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  1. The Wyoming State Historical Society began in 1953, and is made up of members across Wyoming, as well as from outside the borders of Wyoming and the United States, the Society is open to any individual interested in history of Wyoming and the West. Mission (adopted 4/11/14) The Wyoming State HIstorical Society, a non-profit membership driven organizaton, encourages the study of Wyoming history. We believe to study the past is to understand the present and prepare for the future. Vision (adopted 4/11/14) Our vision is to insure that Wyoming's past remains accessible to present and future generations. The Wyoming State Historical Society website opened in November 2000 and has been an information resource for Wyoming history ever since. The site is experiencing over 15,000 visitors per month. The Society proudly offers this Web site to better serve and inform its members and to provide an avenue for education in Wyoming history. http://www.wyshs.org/ View full record
  2. USWY

    Wyoming History

    WyoHistory.org, a project of the Wyoming State Historical Society, was founded in 2010 by the Society and by Project Director Tom Rea, with oversight of an enthusiastic advisory board. The website first went live online in May 2011. Mission The mission of WyoHistory.org is to encourage exploration of Wyoming and its past by building and maintaining a permanent, interactive encyclopedia of Wyoming history as an ongoing project of the Wyoming State Historical Society. Vision WyoHistory.org will become the primary source of online information about Wyoming history for the public, including teachers, students, tourists, public officials, history buffs and scholars. WyoHistory.org will seek readers’ feedback regularly as it continues to add high-quality articles, and information about local resources, activities and events. http://www.wyohistory.org/ View full record
  3. USWY

    Wyoming Archives

    The Wyoming State Archives provides services through three work units: Reference, Research and Historical Photos; Records Management; and the State Imaging Center. The Archives collects, manages, and preserves public records from Wyoming state and local governments that have long term administrative, legal, and historical value. These records document the history of the state and the activities of Wyoming’s government offices. Non-government records that contribute to an understanding of the state’s history are also collected. Records Management staff provide assistance to state and local government agencies for the efficient and economical management of records. State Imaging Center services include microfilming permanent records for preservation and space saving purposes, storing master microfilm negatives for state and local government offices, and scanning for select projects. If you plan to visit the archives, our reference room is on the first floor of the Barrett Building across the lobby from the State Museum. See below for our street address. Barrett Building 2301 Central Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82002 (307) 777-7826 Fax - (307) 777-7044 http://wyoarchives.state.wy.us/ View full record
  4. Wyoming Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. While the original thought was to provide this website as a resource for finding genealogy and historical data concerning Wyoming on the web, we have begun adding specific data to this site for your personal use. http://www.wyominggenealogy.com/ View full record
  5. USWY

    Wyoming Museum

    The mission of the Wyoming State Museum is to serve as an educational, historical, and cultural institution, whose goal is to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts that reflect the human and natural history of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West. http://wyomuseum.state.wy.us/ View full record
  6. USWY

    Welcome to Wyoming

    Welcome to our discussion forums for the state of Wyoming. We are beginning to place more content on our website in the hope you will find something of interest to you. In the coming weeks we will begin to add more information concerning the state. If you have any historical or genealogical information that you think is worth sharing, please post in the state forum section of the website. We are always looking for pictures that depict the character of the state. If you have some of your own photos that you would be willing to share on the site, please send us an email or post a new topic to let us know. We would love to add your pictures and display them on the state page. Another of our efforts is to place some of the significant historical events on the state calendar. Let us know which events you think should be included. View full record
  7. USWY

    Wyoming Gallery

    We have established our Wyoming State Gallery. This album is now ready to receive images that are relevant to various aspects of State history and genealogy. These images will display in prominent places on our various web pages, so please consider donating any digital images you feel would be nice for others to view. As long as they are not copyrighted or it is owned by you, please contact us to submit your photos. We will provide you credit for any images provided. View full record
  8. The library's Wyoming Room is a reference collection of historical information on the City of Laramie, Albany County and Wyoming. The Wyoming Room provides a comfortable browsing setting where users can read and research local and family history. Our collection includes Laramie city directories and phone books, state business directories, Laramie newspapers and newspaper indexes. It also includes the Wyoming Pamphlet File including biographies, local news and photographs and local Sanborn Fire Insurance maps showing buildings and businesses. Although items do not circulate from the Wyoming Room, materials can be copied in the library. Our reference staff would be happy to get you started on your search. We also perform obituary lookups and limited searches for out of town requests. Email us at: info@albanycountylibrary.org. http://www.albanycountylibrary.org/genealogy.aspx View full record
  9. The Society's mission is to stimulate and encourage family history research through a variety of endeavors and to provide members and the genealogical public with a diversity of resources. http://cghswyoming.org/main_page.html View full record
  10. The City of Cheyenne had its beginning in 1867, when the Union Pacific Railroad came through on its way to the west coast. The town site was first surveyed by General Grenville Dodge and was named for an Indian tribe that roamed the area (originally called ‘Shey’ an’ nah’, belonging to the tribe of Alogonquian, the largest family of Indians on the North American Continent). Settlement came so fast that the nickname "Magic City of the Plains" was adopted. http://www.cheyennecity.org/index.aspx?NID=133 View full record
  11. Come experience Laramie’s interactive historical adventure tour, The Legends of Laramie. From gun-fights and brothels, to historic landmarks and famous architecture; travel back in time and watch the past come alive. View sneak peeks below and unlock all 15 experiences with your smartphone or tablet in Laramie. http://visitlaramie.org/find-adventure/legends-of-laramie/ View full record
  12. Lincoln County is located in southwest Wyoming and is surrounded by Uinta, Sweetwater, Sublette, and Teton counties. It also borders the State of Utah and the State of Idaho. The County has a land area of 4069 square miles, being over 110 miles long and, at it's widest part, is more than 50 miles wide. Lincoln County is home to over 18,000 people. It is also one of the most geographically diverse counties in the state of Wyoming with high mountain desert in the southern part of the county and the majestic Rocky Mountains, dotted with forests, mountain lakes, and streams in the northern part of the county http://www.lcwy.org/county_information/ View full record
  13. Star Valley Wyoming was settled in the late 1870's by hardy Mormon pioneers, it was proclaimed the "Star of All Valleys" for its natural beauty. With star-studded night skies where the Northern Lights can occasionally be seen, Star Valley gloriously lives up to its name. http://www.starvalleywy.com/Star-Valley_Wyoming_history.htm View full record
  14. The eighty year history of Wyoming’s first state penitentiary, now known as the Wyoming Frontier Prison, is as colorful and elaborate as the plot of a classic western movie. The cornerstone of the prison was laid in 1888, but due to funding issues and Wyoming’s notorious weather, the doors wouldn’t open for thirteen years. In December of 1901, the prison opened and consisted of 104 cells (Cell Block A), no electricity or running water, and very inadequate heating. http://www.wyomingfrontierprison.org/pages/history.html View full record
  15. Named for fur trapper Davey Jackson, Jackson Hole, Wyoming has a long and varied history. The Old West boasts no finer valley, with the towering mountain country surrounding, its wildflowers blooming and the ghosts of the past haunting its meadows and forests. It's a place where the past talks. http://www.jacksonholenet.com/history_museums/ View full record
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