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  1. Not yet. My other hot spot is Zwiesel, north and a little east of Munich. My pop's mom Maria Eichenlaub, my grandma had her Baptism 1891 in Zwiesel. This was verified by your Germany partnership group that found the church record and interpreted it. What a gift your group has. Anyway, it was also noted that her father Heinrich Moser was present during the baptism. I checked cemetery records in Zwiesel to try and find his grave,but nothing so far. Also, the Theodor mentioned earlier became her husband when they met in living in munich. Sorry for the long story. But the church record also verified that the marriage in 1911 of Maria and Theodor was added into the church record. How did the church in Zwiesel know of the munich marriage. Was Heinrich Moser a long time resident of Zwiesel. Maria did list on the Ship list to america Bronx, that she was from Zwiesel. Still trying to find out who her mom was too including a name of Wildfeuer as relative. Not much showing on that either. If this stuff is not clear, I do get good stuff from family search website. Again , thank you for the help that you have done. -gary
  2. Thank you You are spot on as I have emailed you earlier of my finding the village of Herxheim also. am following Familysearchcom for lots of info including a family tree. Also, that is the first time i have seen Caroline spelled with a K. Plus I have seen the working papers of Mathias's brother Theodor working in Speyer from 1902 to 1905.
  3. hi i've dong some research on ancestry com and family search sites. looking for some more info on my grandfather from my pop's side. Pop's father Theodor Eichenlaub was born in1888 claiming Landau in Pfalz as his birth place. His brother Mathias was born in 1886. I'm trying to find out if Caroline and Ludwig Eichenlaub are their parents as shown in previous New york records I have found. Mathias got married to Maria in Bronx N.Y in 1920. So if their are any birth records or even residence records in Landau Germany to view. thanks for any response to this request. Gary Franz Eichenlaub
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