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Found 33 results

  1. Diane

    Town: Bloom Township

    From History Of Fairfield County, Ohio, And Representative Citizens: BLOOM TOWNSHIP Bloom township is in the western tier of townships. It is bounded on the north by Violet, on the east by Greenfield, on the south by Amanda and on the west by Pickaway County. It is laid out regularly six sections each direction. There are no large streams in this township, though the Hocking river rises near the center of the township. The Hocking Valley crosses this township across Section 1, in the extreme northeastern part, there are four good pikes running in nearly every direction. The Scioto Valley Traction line and the Ohio Canal pass through sections one and two. The township was laid off in 1805; the early settlers were the Hushors, Meyers, Glicks, Clarks, Hoys, Courtrights, Scotts, Crites, Williamsons and others. Abraham Van Courtright came from Pennsylvania in 1801. He married Miss McFarland of Greenfield Township and settled two miles south of Lockville near the Betzer Church. Jesse D. Courtright laid out Greencastle in 1810 and had it surveyed by John Hamilton. Samuel Weisser came from Pennsylvania in 1818 and kept a blacksmith shop for forty years. He was justice of the peace for thirty-five years and an official member of the church fifty years. The Presbyterian Church was built in 1861. Names that are connected with this church are Abraham, John and Jacob Courtright, J. A. Whitzel, Samuel Weiner, H. R. Roller, L. C. Friebley, William Swayer. The present (1912) pastor is B. F. Munson who also serves the church at Lithopolis. The Rock Mill was built in 1799 and was the first of its kind in the township. The building was low down among the rocks and the grists were taken in at the gable window and let down to the hopper with ropes. The first still-house was at the Stump Spring and was owned by J. D. Courtright. The Alspaughs, Williamsons, Granels, Blenbaughs all have left large numbers of descendants in Bloom township. Among prominent farmers today we note the names of A. V. Courtright, Reuben Faler, W. R. Coffman, C.C. Crist, S. P. Mathia, William Sitterly, C. E. Berry, Austin Smith, J. C. Hummell, Ed. M. Heister, Albert Runkle, Peter Dotson, Frank Zwayer, Irwin Solt. View full record
  2. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  3. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  4. to promote genealogy through education of its members and the general public; to improve access to genealogical information in Fairfield County by maintaining an educational research center; to foster collaboration among members to assist those researching their Fairfield County ancestors; to conduct periodic educational programs and conferences to explore cultural, genealogical, and historical topics; to disseminate cultural, genealogical, historical and biographical information to members and to the general public. http://www.fairfieldgenealogical.org/ Fairfield County Genealogy Society 231 S. Congress St. P.O. Box 93 Winnsboro, SC 29180-0093 fairfieldgenealogy@truvista.net View full record
  5. To stimulate interest in the role of Fairfield County in the development of South Carolina and the nation. To preserve the history of the county through the collection of significant artifacts and interpretation of the personal stories of its citizens. To identify and document historic properties and sites within the county. To educate citizens and visitors about the heritage of Fairfield County. http://www.fairfieldsc.com/secondary.aspx?pageID=125 The Fairfield County Museum 231 S. Congress St. P. O. Box 6 Winnsboro, SC 29180 Phone: 803-635-9811 View full record
  6. Meetings - Regular meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairfield County Genealogical Library, located at 503 Lenwood Drive in Lancaster, Ohio. Executive Board meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon in the Genealogical Library. Visitors are always welcome at any of our meetings. Meeting space at the Fairfield County Genealogical Library (FCGL) is available for educational, cultural, civic and governmental groups serving Fairfield County, to conduct meetings and conferences. Meeting space is available on a fee basis to eligible groups. http://www.fairfield...y.org/index.htm Fairfield County Chapter Lineage Societies To identify and honor your early ancestors of Fairfield County, Ohio To recognize the proven descendants of the early families of Fairfield County To encourage quality genealogical research necessary to discover these early families' identities and to prove the connections between them and their descendants Fairfield County has two lineage societies which are described below. You must first be a member of the Fairfield County Chapter OGS in order to be considered for a society. View full record
  7. The Franklin Area Historical Society (FAHS) was established in 1965 to preserve the history of the City of Franklin and the area. This is accomplished through a variety of publications, including our newsletter, as well as the collections and exhibitions of objects of local historical importance in the Harding Museum and the Log Post Office museum. Our Mission: The mission of the Franklin Area Historical Society is the collection and preservation of objects and materials relating to the history of Franklin and Franklin Township, Ohio, and to disseminate knowledge of that history through educational programs, publications, tours and the operation of our Harding Museum and Log Post Office Museum. http://www.franklinohmuseums.org/ View full record
  8. The Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society was organized in 1987. Its mission is to preserve our community’s past for future generations to see and use. OUR MUSEUM Our Museum is located in the Olde Carnegie Library which was built in 1916 with a $10,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie. Pickerington was the smallest community in the United States to receive such a grant. When a new, larger library was constructed on Opportunity Way in 1993, the Library Board donated the Carnegie Library to the city of Pickerington with the stipulation that a museum be created and maintained. The Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society has filled the main level of the Museum with a collection of artifacts and memorabilia including the original town pump, antique household items, clothing, business signage and equipment, school furnishings, photographs, written histories, birth certificates, death records dating from the early 1900s, and more. In addition, a gift shop offers visitors a variety of souvenirs which depict our area’s past. Included are note and postcards, prints, books, pottery, china, throws and T-shirts. The lower level is the home of photographs of Pickerington-Violet Township high school graduating classes from 1909 to 1981. This area also serves as the Historical Society’s meeting room as well as the office/warehouse for the Pickerington Food Pantry. http://www.pickering...calsociety.com/ View full record
  9. In 1962, seven Fairfield County women decided something should be done to preserve the lovely old homes of Lancaster, Ohio. They met at Petie Smith's house and signed a document of intent. They researched the operation of other preservation groups, and with the guidance of the National Trust formed the Fairfield Heritage Association. Each one of the seven women took an active role: Ruth Drinkle was elected President; Dorothy Peters, Honorary President; Caroline Rockwood, Treasurer; Mary Katherine Vlerebone, Secretary; Marian Furniss, Membership Chairman; Emilie Martin, Arts and Crafts Chairman; and Petie Smith, Program Chairman. http://www.fairfieldheritage.org/ View full record
  10. Our Society was founded at Buckeye Lake, Ohio in 1995 and the museum opened in 1998. Please stop in and view our huge collection of Buckeye Lake Park memorabilia. Our group covers Perry, Licking and Fairfield counties including the communities of Hebron, Millersport and Thornville, along with Buckeye Lake. http://www.buckeyelakehistory.org/ In September, 1994, a group of interested people came together with the purpose of starting a Historical Museum in the Buckeye Lake area. This was to preserve the historical record of the Lake, including the Amusement Park, the Ohio Canal, the Interurban, the National Trail, the early pioneers, early boaters - just the history of it all!! The group met in the Civic Association building on Hebron Road, and from the first, all were very enthusiastic. Donations began to appear: A gun from the shooting gallery, a Rocket Ship and a Bug Car from the old Park, a piano that had arrived in Hebron in 1840, roller skates, swim suits from Crystal Pool, photos, cards and other memorabilia. View full record
  11. George Berry founded Bremen in 1834 naming the new village after his father-in-law's hometown of Bremen, Germany. During the 1800s the village grew slowly, serving mainly as a service center for local farmers. In the 1850s the railroad came to Bremen. Then in 1907, oil was discovered in Bremen. Due to the boom, Bremen grew quickly and accumulated much wealth. The profit brought in by the oil was used to establish local industry, build a downtown commercial center, and line the streets of Bremen with beautiful homes (many of which can be seen today in the town). In 1907, Bremen, Ohio, was considered “Oil City.” Most of the villagers were in some way related to or were oil drillers themselves. Bremen was a boom-town. The Village was growing slowly in 1884, with a population of 200 inhabitants. However, this all changed with the “oil boom,” which began around 1907. Small quantities of gas and oil had been produced by local wells before this, but when wells began producing 140 barrels per day and 250 barrels per day, the race was on! Bremen enjoyed unparalleled prosperity during the next seven or eight years, then settled down to become an agricultural community once again. Outlying areas, including the private sector, also reaped the benefits of the gas and oil industry. Bremen Area Historical Society P.O. Box 33 Bremen, Ohio 43107 http://www.bremenvil.../historical.htm Platinum Membership Cost: $25.00 or more pre household Benefits: Discounts & voting rights Gold Membership Cost: $20.00 per household Benefit: Newsletter subscription only Silver Membership Cost: Donate time/money Benefits: Volunteer to assist the society General Public Participate at events, Visitors to activities Ticket buyers, etc. Community Support View full record
  12. On December 9, 1800, the government of the Northwest Territory authorized the creation of Fairfield County. Residents named the county after the area's "fair fields." Zane's Trace passed through the county. The population grew as people moved westward into the Northwest Territory. For full text, see: http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/w/Fairfield_County. View full record
  13. Interment.net No records yet. http://www.interment.net/us/oh/fairfield.htm Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=csr&CScn=&CScntry=4&CSst=37&CScnty=2062 View full record
  14. We created this page to display county information for each state. Our team is engaged in building out the content to populate this page, sharing genealogy and history information. In the near future, we will be adding our library records which contain Books, Newspapers, Photos, Postcards, and other unique materials. Some of these are being presented to connect descendants with their family heirlooms (postcards, journals, Bibles). These library records will also be useful to those wanting assistance in finding an entry for their ancestors; we will perform "lookups" as time permits. If you have suggestions for content or basic input on the website, send us a message. We would be happy to incorporate your ideas. As we continue to populate this page, it should become more useful in your research so please check back soon! View full record
  15. We created this page to display county information for each state. Our team is engaged in building out the content to populate this page, sharing genealogy and history information. In the near future, we will be adding our library records which contain Books, Newspapers, Photos, Postcards, and other unique materials. Some of these are being presented to connect descendants with their family heirlooms (postcards, journals, Bibles). These library records will also be useful to those wanting assistance in finding an entry for their ancestors; we will perform "lookups" as time permits. If you have suggestions for content or basic input on the website, send us a message. We would be happy to incorporate your ideas. As we continue to populate this page, it should become more useful in your research so please check back soon! View full record
  16. The town taken from Fairfield was organized in 1767. The congressional Church was formed in 1733 and the records beginning in 1734 are complete until 1780. Then a gap until they begin again in 1810. Marriages by Rev. Nathaniel Hunn GROOM BRIDE DATE of MARRIAGE George Cornes (Corns) Anne Hall 12 Nov 1734 Daniel Burr Abigail Sherwood, Abraham Adams Elizabeth Williams, Edmund Sherman Rebecca Lee, Benjamin Turrey (?) Anne Lyon, Thomas Rowland Mason, Matthew Fowler (?) Deborah Gray, Ebenezer Mallery Hannah Keys, Daniel Meeker Sarah Johnson, Lemuel Wood Griswold Mallery, David Meeker Hannah Hill, Benjamin Meeker Catharine Burr, John Heppin, Jr., (Milford, Ct.) Mary Read Hezekiah Rowland Tanear Treadwell, William Trusdale Deliverance Jeason (?), Robert Meeker Rebecca Morehouse, Seth Wheeler Ruth Knap, John 'Read Tabitha Hawley, Nehemiah Sanford Elizabeth Morehouse, Samuel Wood Mary Mallery, Samuel Coley Mary Gray, Nehemiah Smith Rebecca Meeker, Jonas Plat Elizabeth Sanford, Gurdon Marchant Elenor Chauncey, Daniel Hall Mary Betts, Gershom Coley Abigail Hull, Daniel Mallery Sarah Lee, Gershom Morehouse Anne Sanford, William Burret Elizabeth Burr, Dec. 22, Daniel Jackson Abigale Sanford, Jehu Burr, Jr., Sarah Griffin, Samuel Cable Mary Piatt, David Lion (Lyon) Hannah Sanford, Paul Bartram Mary Hawley, Ebenezer Hull, Jr., Ruth Betts, John Bartram Charity Bulkley, Joseph Dikeman Eunice Darling, Eleazer Burrit Elizabeth Piatt, William Murrow (?) Eunice Dean, John Morgan Joanna Banks, Daniel Sanford Esther Hull, Benjamin Davis Eunice Nash, Stephen Gray Sarah Ferry, Michael Benedict Bette Dikeman, Hezekiah Booth Abigale Betts, Hezekiah Smith Lydia Lee, Theophilus Hull Martha Betts, Samuel Chegston (?) Deborah Mallery, Elias Bates Tabitha Read, Seth Sanford Rebecca Burr, John Gray Ruamah Barlow, Jonathan Couch Eunice Griffin, Alexander Briant Elizabeth Burr, James Gray Asena Taylor, John Clugston Eunice Mallery, Joseph Stilson Rebecca Wildman, Deacon Stephen Burr Abigale Hall, Reuben Squire Elizabeth Bryant, Joseph Lyon Lois Sanford, Isaac Rumsey Abigale St. John, Stephen Crofut Adria Couch, Richard Nichols Abigale Gold, John Griffin Katherine Johnson, Anthony Anghevine Esther Burr, Timothy Sanford Mary Sanford, David Bartram Phoebe Morehouse, Azael Patchin Hannah Osborn, Joseph Sanford Hepzibah Griffith, David Jackson Anna Sanford, Oct. 2 GAPPPPPSPSPSPSPPSPSP Joseph Rumsey Sarah Morehouse, Dec. 2 John Hawley Abigail Sanford, Dec. 21 John Hull Mollie Andrews, Feb. 3 George Gage Sarah Adams, Sept. 7 Noah Hall Sarah Banks, Nov. 13 John Byington Sarah Gray, Nov. 16 Elnathan Lyon Jain (Jane) Knap, Nov. 23 Elijah Birchard Ruth Morehouse, Dec. 3 Samuel Olmstead Sarah Bartram, Dec. 21 James Gray, Jr., Mabel Phinney, Feb. 9 Jesse Banks Mabel Wheeler, June 11 John June Sarah Jenks, August 16 Hezekiah Batterson Mary Sherwood, Sept. 24 Ephraim Deforest Sarah Betts, Oct. 25 John Clugston Charity Ginnins, Nov. 20, Zecheriah Summers Martha Burr, Jan. 15 Samuel Rowley Sarah Comes, Jan. 15 Eleazer Olmstead Grace Pickett, Jan. 17 Hezekiah Whitlock Anne Piatt, July n Isaac Piatt Mary Pickett, Oct. 2 James Russica (?) Sarah Rumsey, Feb. 19 William Hambleton Martha Prince, June 3 Calvin Wheeler Mary Thorps, June 3 Thomas Rockwell Tabitha Sanford, June 26 Ephraim Jackson Martha Hull, June 26 Joseph Griffin Esther Hall, Sept. 18 David Turrey (?) Sarah Gold, Nov. Seth Banks Sarah Piatt, Nov. 20 Ezekiel Fairchild Eunice Andrews, Jan. 8 Nehemiah Hull Griswold Perry, Feb. 5 Hubbel Bennet Rebecca Pickett, Feb. 17 Joseph Meeker Mary Darling, March 12 Jacob Lyon Hannah Wheeler, March 21 Elijah Burr Rhoda Sanford, April 2 Elnathan Sturges Ruth Hawley, April 22 Ezekiel Sanford Sarah Sturges, April 23 James Prindle Rhoda Mallery, June 27 Samuel Sanford, Jr., Sarah Olmstead, July 23 Burgis Hall Whitehead, Abijah Fairchild Huldah Burr, Nov. 5, 1767 Nathaniel Northrop Esther Gold, Stephen Sanford Abigail Ward, Joseph Banks Ann Morehouse, Levi Selay Anner Meeker, Stephen Meeker Anne Lee, Lieut. Peter Fairchild Mary Lockwood, John Parker Sarah Sherwood, Hezekiah Bulkley Sarah Rumsey, Abel Morehouse Beth Squire, Solomon Northrop Sarah (Nap) Knap, John Darling Esquire Rebecca Hill, William Sloane Mary Read, Andrew Knap Rebecca Monrow(e), Ephraim Robbins Sarah Couch, Henry Hopkins Anna Burr, Nathan Jackson Elizabeth Osborn, Silas Lee Witelee Meeker, Nehemiah Selay, Jr., Sarah Dibble, Daniel Bartram Ann Marchant, Samuel White Huldah Sanford, James Morgan Osborn, Nathaniel Turill Abigail Rumsey, Seth Meeker Ellen Bixby, Joseph Lyon Sarah Bulkley, Nathan Coley Mabel Bixby, Ephraim Sanford Tabitha Morehouse, Ezekiel Hawley, Jr., Huldah Lyon, Daniel Fairchild Sarah Lane, Seth Price Mary Gold, Justus Bates Hannah Coley, Ebenezer Coley Rachel Sturges, Jonathan Bradley Grace Johnson, Aaron Barlow Rebecca Sanford, Lazarus Wheeler Hannah Gorham, William Bradley Mary Wescott, Elijah Burr Eunice Hawley, Elnathan Sturges Martha Jackson, Chauncey Marchant Hannah Hambleton Samuel Piatt Abigail Hall, Henry Whinkler Ruth Coley, Ezekiel Sanford Abigail Starr, Daniel Read Anne Hill, Stephen Andrus Lois Osborn, Joseph Truesdale Comfort Burr, David Jackson Esther Ward, John Fairchild Sarah Hull, Levi Dikeman Rebecca Lines, Philip Burrit Rachel Read, John Pickett, Jr., Mary Bates, Augustus Sanford Abigail Sturges, Jonathan Persons Elizabeth Thomas, Isaac Hambleton Eunice Piatt, Abijah Fairchild Phoebe Smith, Robert Stow Anne Darrow, Seth Meeker Millicent Davis, Daniel Selay Lydia Comstock, Hezekiah Read Anne Gorham, Eli Nichols Hannah Hull, Enoch Betts Mary Coley, Thaddeus Benedict Deborah Read, Isaac Gregory Sarah St. John, William Dunning Sarah Osborn, Daniel Copley Theoda Couch, Jonathan Couch Mabel Meeker, Samuel Mallery Hannah Nichols, Samuel Ramong Philena Bates, Benjamin Darling Mary Chapman, Jeremiah Batterson Bette Clugston, Abel Gold Elizabeth Gold, Jesse Benedict Mollie Ward, Daniel Collins Bartlett Esther Read, Daniel Osborn Jane Morehouse Jabez Burr Mary Bartram, Francis Andrews Sabra Parsons, Bille Morehouse Ruth Guire, Thomas Ressue (?) Phoebe Pickett, Samuel Gold Sarah Piatt, Enos Lee, Jr., Ruth Bates, Austin Baxter Martha Darling, James Gibbons, soldier in Putnam's division, Ann Sullivan, Feb Nov. 21, John Lines (soldier) Mary Hendrick, March i8, 1779 Charles White Amerillis Knap, March 23, 1779 Daniel Evarts (soldier) Mary Rowland, March 30, 1779 Isaac Olmstead (soldier) Mary Persons, April 15, 1779 Jesse Belnap (soldier) Eunice Hall, April 28, 1779 William Little (soldier) Phoebe Marchant, May 7, 1779 Giles Gilbert (artificer in army) Deborah Hall, May 23, 1779 Joseph Jackson, Jr., Mary Dimond, Sept. 30, 1779 Russell Chapel (soldier) Sarah Osborn, Oct. 3, 1779 William Darrow (soldier) Ruth Bartram, March 9, 1780 John Dikeman Sarah Meeker, March 20, 1780 View full record
  17. 96 Broad St., Stamford, Connecticut, 06901 Publication: Bulletin of the Stamford Genealogical Society View full record
  18. With a commitment to making Wilton's past relevant to the community and to visitors, the Wilton Historical Society, founded in 1938, offers a broad variety of insightful exhibits, programs and special events presented with historical accuracy and depth. A museum where history comes alive through 14 period rooms Special collections, including toys, tools and trains, which are of interest to a broad audience Renowned, nationally recognized annual events such as the American Artisan Show and the Fall Antiques Market A variety of programs for children, adults, and families that skillfully blend education and entertainment Curriculum-appropriate historical education for Wilton's students Preservation of 17 historical buildings which are typical of a New England rural community Our Vision An enlightened community that interprets, preserves, and celebrates Wilton's unique heritage. Our Mission To help our community: Discover the past Enlighten the present Enrich the future Enjoy our heritage Like this View full record
  19. The Westport Historical Society, founded in 1889, is an educational organization dedicated to preserving, presenting and celebrating the history of Westport, Connecticut. It is committed to increasing awareness of the importance of preserving our town’s heritage and its historic buildings and landmarks. WHS is a private, non-profit 501 ©(3) organization, sustained entirely by the generous support of members, donors, grants, program revenues, sponsors and endowment income. The financial statements of the WHS are audited annually by an independent accounting firm Van Brunt, DuBiago & Company, LLC. http://westporthistory.org/ Like this View full record
  20. Our mission is to educate and enlighten our children, the community and general public by serving students and teachers directly and as a resource for all others seeking historical information http://www.westonhis...calsociety.org/ View full record
  21. Membership dollars help us to further our Mission of bringing local history to members of our community. We mount two exhibitions a year, each dealing with some aspect of Stamford history – you can see some of our recent exhibits online on this website. Membership dollars support the work we do with schools in the area, bringing colonial life alive for second grade students at Hoyt Barnum House tours, as well as through our Immigrants’ Stamford exhibit for third and fifth grade students. We are the official historian for the City of Stamford, and membership dollars also help us to preserve and conserve the city's past through maintaining and expanding our paper and photographic archives and our objects collection. http://www.stamfordhistory.org/ View full record
  22. Now in existence for 39 years, the Sherman Historical Society continues to strive to be an active part of the Sherman town community. Our goal is to expand on our existing programs and to continue to add new and exciting events to our schedule each year. Behind the scenes, our mission also includes collecting, preserving, and most importantly, making available to you and to future generations the historic artifacts relating to Sherman and the life stories of its residents. Our collections range from pre-Colonial Native American artifacts to those belonging to 20th Century Sherman. http://www.shermanhi...index-main.html View full record
  23. Newtown is a lovely old town that celebrated its Tercentennial in 2005. While a lot of effort has been made by various organizations and individuals to keep Newtown a friendly and up-to-date community, it is also important to cherish and preserve its history. http://www.newtownhistory.org/ View full record
  24. Founded in 1889, we promote historic preservation and build an appreciation of our Town’s rich past through programs, events, research, exhibitions, museums and more. http://nchistory.org/ View full record
  25. The Ridgefield Historical Society encourages historic preservation, collects and catalogues documentary materials, provides a database of information about town history, creates publications and exhibits, records and transcribes oral histories, and offers workshops and assistance to those interested in local history. The society's headquarters is the 275 year old David Scott House, whose preservation, renovation and restoration was completed in September 2002. The house, at 4 Sunset Lane, includes a large fireproof and waterproof archival room within a "vault" with special equipment to control the humidity and temperature for fragile documents.The headquarters also features a reception and reference room, where the public can access databases of history materials held town wide. There is also a meeting room, a library, a project room, the town historian's office, a cataloguing area, and a kitchenette.The society welcomes volunteers to assist with its work, which will include preparing for the celebration of Ridgefield's 300th anniversary in 2008.The society also welcomes members and donors to support its efforts. http://www.ridgefiel...rg/collections/ View full record
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