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  1. https://txssar.org/PineyWoods/ Unless otherwise noted, all meetings begin at 12:30pm. For all meetings, a pre-meeting social time commences at 12:00pm. Meal price is set at $25, which covers meal, tax, tip, the room rental, speakers, and gifts. Please notify John Beard by the Monday preceeding the meeting if you will be attending so we can pass the proper attendance count to the restaurant. Jimmy G's Restaurant 307 N. Sam Houston Parkway Houston, TX View full record
  2. http://www.houstonsar.org/ Meetings seem to be normally on Saturady at 830am at: Post Oak Grill 1415 S Post Oak Ln, Houston, TX 77056 View full record
  3. https://www.freedomchaptersar.org/ The Freedom Chapter Meets Monthly At: Spring Creek Barbecue 19099 N Freeway, Shenandoah, TX 77385 East I45 Service Rd by Home Depot, North of Tamina Rd Our Meetings vary between the 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 PM and Saturday at Noon. View full record
  4. On Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/williamsmallwoodmdssar/ Their website http://william-smallwood.mdssar.org/?fbclid=IwAR2kXuYN9XI9y1S7Ogwjx5BELQOmCiHHTN3Gc-0i_bdopzEv7Bd8qIXXjqY Meetings of the General William Smallwood chapter are held quarterly, generally on the first Thursday of March, June, September, and December. The chapter also conducts a Memorial Day Observance in Bethesda annually. Meeting notices are sent to members and friends of the chapter about one month in advance, and include a reservation form which should be returned to the Treasurer before the deadline. Contact Treasurer Lucas Ginn for additional information. All members of the SAR, DAR, C.A.R. and their guests are welcome. View full record
  5. Welcome to the website of the General Richard Montgomery Chapter, Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution. The General Richard Montgomery Chapter was chartered in 1955, and is located in Montgomery, Alabama, serving members in and around the Central Alabama area. The General Richard Montgomery Chapter is one of over 500 chapters in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, with approximately 32,000 active members of the Sons of the American Revolution. The Alabama Society membership is over 1,000 and the General Richard Montgomery Chapter has a membership of about 200 active members. https://www.sarmontgomeryal.org/ The chapter meets for lunch at the Montgomery Country Club on the third Wednesday of the months of January through May and September through November. In December usually we have a formal evening banquet with the installation of new officers and presentation of chapter awards. The meetings, social, and banquet are open to all SAR members, prospective members, and other invited guests. View full record
  6. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  7. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  8. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  9. The GoAncestry Library database contains basic information on the printed materials in our library; you can browse the full Library here or use the search feature if you know the title or author. Browse below for a subset of our library focusing on this County: View full record
  10. The Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center is the oldest public building in Montgomery County still in use. The building, known as "Old Main" school, now houses a wide variety of historical and cultural items, genealogy records, a gift shop and new exhibits each year. The Crawford Room has a kitchenette and is available for rent. The Center is open from 1-4 pm Wed. through Sat., April through Oct and by appointment throughout the year. Please call 712-829-2840, 712-829-2411, or 712-829-2501. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for children. http://stantoniowa.com/Historical/SitePages/Home.aspx The SHCC is located at 410 Hilltop Ave, Stanton, Iowa View full record
  11. Humans first appeared in what we now call Montgomery County, Iowa about 11,500 B.C., during the Ice Age. At some time between 800 B.C. and 1000 A.D., semi-permanent villages formed, and agriculture began. European traders traveled through our area as early as 1650 A.D., and by 1847 the young U.S. government had pushed all Native American Tribes out of Southwest Iowa. A trickle of white settlers began arriving during 1849, and Montgomery County was formally created in 1851. Farms, town governments, churches, schools, newspapers, banks, festivals, and all the other trappings of our modern life quickly developed. http://www.freewebs.com/montgomerycountyhistorycenter/ The Montgomery County Historical Society was organized in 1945 to preserve and share our county's history. During the 1980's, members met in the Pittsburg School, which they restored and preserved. In 1995, the Society opened its first History Center, and in 2006, the Gala Grand Opening of our present 14,000 sq. ft. building was celebrated. Montgomery County History Center 2700 North 4th Street Red Oak, Iowa 51566 712-623-2289 View full record
  12. The Coffeyville Public Library is proud to house the genealogical materials for the Montgomery County Genealogical Society. The Library has an extensive collection of genealogical and historical materials of Coffeyville and the surrounding areas of Montgomery County. http://www.coffeyvillepl.org/geneology/ Mon - Thur 9am to 8pm Friday & Sat. 9am to 5pm Closed Sundays -- 311 W 10th St. Coffeyville, KS 67337 (620) 251-1370 Fax (620) 251-1512 View full record
  13. Hill Grove Cemetery, Miamisburg Ohio Arspaugh, George 1843 1850 Arspaugh, Henry 1847 1861 Arspaugh, Jacob 1841 1861 Bamer, Jacob 1852 1914 Bamer, Mary A. 1854 1885 Barnard, Heken Infant N/D 1896 Barnard, Laurel Infant N/D 1894 Barnard, Wilbur Infant N/D 1907 Beachler, Charles E. 1859 1929 Beachler, Mary C. 1866 1953 Beachler, Mary K. 1866 1885 Bechtolt, Blanche 1878 1908 Bechtolt, Clarence 1876 1952 Bechtolt, Kathryn 1904 1977 Beeford, Melinda 1865 1943 Beiswenger, Father 1827 1902 Beiswenger, Katie 1879 1885 Beiswenger, Mary 1877 1884 Beiswenger, Mother 1850 1919 Bottoms, Chloe Wyatt 1897 1923 Bowman, Frederick 1909 1993 Bowman, Lola E. 1910 2000 Brough, Mary 1813 1908 Bryant, Wanetta M. Leiter Mother, Grandma, Peacefully Asleep 02 Jan 1925 24 Mar 1981 Buehner, Lottie 1866 1944 Buehner, Otto 1861 1938 Crout, Caroline 1862 1936 Crout, Leonard 1861 1885 Crowell, Mary Elva 1916 1933 Davison, E. Naomi 1909 1978 Davison, Stanley T. 1908 1989 Doeble, Maud B. 1887 1948 Doeble, Walter J. 1877 1943 Dunkelberger, Nancy Ann N/D 1937 Dunkelberger, Theodore 1906 1943 Dunkelberger, Virginia 1904 1996 Edmonds, Margaret M. 1909 N/D Edmonds, Robert M. 1909 2001 Emert, Andrew R. 1856 1888 Emert, Catherine R. 1828 1919 Emert, David 1826 1900 Emert, Emma R. 1875 1886 Emert, Ira Albert 1868 1948 Ferguson, Latron S. 1884 1967 Ferguson, Mary H. 1886 1974 Frazen, Alexander N. 1881 1939 Gantner, John Father 1860 1947 Gantner, Kate Mother 1863 1906 Gebhart, Anna A. 1872 1897 Gebhart, Charles L. 1862 1923 Gebhart, Edward B. Brother 1865 1928 Gebhart, George B. Father 1839 1907 Gebhart, Jacob B. 1828 1919 Gebhart, Nancy Mother 1841 1912 Gebhart, S. Louise 1835 1924 Geehring, Ida M. 1888 1973 Geehring, Louis 1883 1971 Genhart, Clara 28 Mar 1848 07 Mar 1917 Gephart, Amanda M. Daughter of Peter and Hannah 14 Jul 1848 10 Aug 1849 Gephart, Jacob 1820 1902 Gephart, Lydia C. Daughter of Peter and Hannah 15 Aug 1844 12 Sep 1845 Gephart, Mary E. Daughter of Peter and Hannah 31 Aug 1839 10 Aug 1840 Gephart, Mortimer 1848 1929 Gephart, Rachel 1858 1927 Gephart, Sidney A. 1829 1898 Gephart, Stephen B. Son of Peter and Hannah 10 Aug 1840 28 Jul 1841 Gephart, Susan S. Daughter of Peter and Hannah 09 Oct 1846 29 Jul 1847 Gillis, Mary K. 1910 1989 Gillis, Raymond H. 1908 1987 Ginter, Sara Ann 1883 1968 Ginter, William T. 1881 1966 Groby, Barbara 1857 1941 Groby, Jacob R. 1856 1938 Groby, Lydia Rabold His Wife 08 Dec 1830 29 Oct 1892 Groby, S. Clayton 1905 1907 Groby, Samuel 24 Oct 1827 21 Apr 1906 Hartwell, Eliza Jane 1871 1941 Hartwell, Nelson Butler 1862 1936 Hersch, Rosa B. Wife of A. T. Wittich 07 Jul 1852 14 Apr 1905 Hill, Mary E. 1886 1970 Hipple, Elizabeth 02 Nov 1788 29 Aug 1884 Hipple, John W. 71 years 1 month 5 days N/D 20 Nov 1893 Hoff, Besse L. 1876 1944 Hoff, F. Harley Son of G. S. & L. C. Hoff 24 years 3 months 29 days N/D 31 Aug 1878 Hoff, Katie C. Daughter of G. S. & L. C. Hoff N/D 10 Sep 1864 Hoff, Louisa 1835 1932 Houser, Sarah E. Mother N/D N/D Hubler, Andrea Grace Good Keep you until we meet again 20 Dec 1968 21 Dec 1968 Hunt, A. Alpheus 05 Jan 1825 08 Nov 1880 Hunt, Catherine H. His wife 02 Aug 1834 05 Dec 1823 Hunt, Charles Edward 07 Aug 1867 11 Apr 1900 Hunt, H. Jennie 24 Oct 1859 03 Oct 1879 Hunt, Henry Calvin 30 Aug 1837 02 Sep 1903 Hunt, S. Jane 13 Sep 1844 27 Nov 1899 Karpur, Benjamin C. Ohio Pvt 148 Inf 37 Div N/D N/D Karpur, Harry E. OH Mess Sgt Inf WWII 27 Jan 1880 11 Apr 1960 Kauffman, M. Laura Hunt 22 years N/D 02 May 1887 Keiser, Bessie I. 1884 1907 Keiser, Elizabeth A. 1859 1937 Keiser, Margarite 1889 1908 Keiser, Orian A. 1859 1947 Kenderdine, William A. Co E 93 Oh Inf N/D N/D Kennel, Edith M. 20 Apr 1911 25 Feb 1934 Krepner, Conrad 1821 1901 Krepner, Frederick 1867 1899 Krepner, Sophia 1824 1904 Krinauer, Charles 1857 1928 Kronauer, Bertha 1886 1928 Kronauer, Carrie H. 1861 1944 Kronauer, Catherine 1859 1900 Kutz, Clifford R. 1906 1936 Kutz, Myrtle W. Mother 16 Dec 1880 26 May 1965 Lee, Levi Co F 54 OVI 1841 1910 Lee, Mary E. 1842 1920 Leiter, Edna M. 1881 1969 Leiter, Walter S. 1874 1919 Lucas, Adam N/D 13 Oct 1947 Lucas, Anna S. N/D 26 Nov 1924 Lucas, Cahrles W. N/D 30 Aug 1945 Lucas, Charles N/D 15 Mar 1958 Lucas, Frank N/D 15 May 1940 Lucas, Infant N/D 19 Jun 1933 Lucas, Infant N/D N/D Lucas, Infants (2) N/D N/D Lucas, Infants (3) N/D N/D Lucas, Ira E. 1901 06 Feb 1922 Lucas, J. H. N/D 1911 Lucas, John A. N/D 1875 Lucas, John N/D 1909 Lucas, Joseph N/D 22 Dec 1941 Lucas, Lawrence N/D 23 Dec 1980 Lucas, Leah F. N/D 15 May 1933 Lucas, Lester H. N/D 03 Jul 1976 Lucas, Lizzie I. N/D 30 Oct 1963 Lucas, M. J. N/D N/D Lucas, Mary Catherine Wife of Ira 1907 12 Aug 1983 Lucas, Mary M. N/D 27 Jun 1933 Lucas, Mary N/D 1888 Lucas, Mary N/D 05 Apr 1955 Lucas, Myrtle N/D 08 Oct 1973 Lucas, Nora N/D 1920 Lucas, Orville A. N/D 03 Aug 1982 Lucas, Phoebe Wife of Rufus N/D 20 Sep 1952 Lucas, Rufus N/D 09 May 1927 Lucas, Tamara Sue N/D 03 Aug 1959 Lucas, William N/D 22 Jun 1934 McCabe, Isaac 1857 1937 McCabe, John 1829 1878 McCabe, Sarah B. 1833 1909 Mendenhall, Eva M. 1904 1999 Mendenhall, George A. 1897 1958 Mundhenk, Fred G. 1894 1969 Mundhenk, Mary W. 1899 1942 Musselman, Eliza 1824 1895 Musselman, Jacob 1826 1895 Olwine, Amelia Mother 1862 1934 Olwine, Hiram 1854 1898 Otey, Grover T. 1888 1916 Otey, Ira 1882 1889 Paine, Frank H. 1873 1942 Paine, Mary Ann Mother 17 Jun 1875 09 Apr 1907 Peffly, Jacob B. 1834 1913 Peffly, Jennie 1842 1920 Peffly, Weza 1863 1869 Pontius, Minerva 1854 1925 Pontius, Serenus 1844 1926 Pontius, William E. Father 1873 1939 Ponyius, Ira Elwood 18 May 1890 17 Nov 1908 Reedy, Edna Pontius 1885 1910 Rhoades, Leroy 1907 1988 Rhoades, Mary R. 1908 1950 Rost, Mary O. 1854 1907 Routzahn, Mary 1872 1941 Rumbarger, Eli 1823 1890 Rumbarger, Harriet 1830 1906 Scheu, Jennie 1853 1917 Scheu, John 1847 1914 Schmidt, Caroline 1824 1901 Schmidt, Charles 1860 1923 Schmidt, Phillipp J. 1823 1863 Schmidt, Phillipp Jr. 1852 1866 Schmidt, Philop 13 years 3 months 11 days 04 Mar 1852 15 Jun 1865 Schoenfeld, Emeline 1834 1897 Schoenfeld, Henry 1829 1918 Schoenfeld, Margaret Daughter of H. and Emma 10 months 8 days N/D 16 Dec 1859 Schweitzer, Edward Father 1875 1913 Schweitzer, L. Belle Mother 1879 1973 Shade, Edward 34 years 5 months 6 days N/D 1934 Shade, Ethel W. At Rest 1897 1912 Shade, Ida M. Daughter of D. L. & M. E. Shade 1885 1905 Shade, Phoebe 1849 1905 Shafer, Charles Murray Dad 19 Apr 1906 05 Dec 1969 Sharritt, Charles 1862 1939 Sharritt, Isabel 1867 1938 Sharritts, Charles E. 23 Nov 1861 15 Jun 1930 Sharritts, Nora M. 17 Apr 1864 09 Dec 1949 Silver, Perry 1880 1930 Snyder, Caroline 1855 N/D Snyder, Ezra 1855 1930 Snyder, Margaret Wife of Ezra Snyder 1855 1905 Spangler, Albert 1887 1946 Spangler, Edward M. 1874 1948 Spangler, Ida R. 1870 1923 Spangler, Jacob B. 26 Dec 1840 19 Jul 1917 Spangler, Sarah Here I'll lay my burden down, change the cross into the crown 15 May 1840 14 Apr 1888 Stettler, John J. Father 07 Jan 1835 25 Feb 1907 Stettler, Loretta Mother Wife of John 31 Dec 1841 26 Feb 1894 Stomps, Minnie 1855 1953 Stomps, William 1907 1914 Studybaker, Hattie M. 1871 1902 Swartztrauber, Otto 1853 1903 Swartztrauber, Otto 1896 1896 Swartztrauber, Phoebe 1898 1898 Urschel, Clarence E. Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd Sgt Army Air Corps WWII 11 Sep 1910 28 Mar 1989 Urschel, Esther Age 1 week 1904 1901 Urschel, John H. 1876 1938 Urschel, Lawrence Our Baby 1947 1949 Urschel, Marcella M. 12 Apr 1919 19 May 1998 Vandever, Sidney 30 Oct 1834 25 Nov 1910 Walborn, Marietta "Marty" 1900 1974 Walborn, Pearl E. Mother 1880 1944 Warner, Kate Pressler 1867 1943 Weber, Ada Cornelia 1874 1874 Weber, Amelia 1865 1932 Weber, Christian 1826 1902 Weber, Clara Luella 1876 1876 Weber, Lucetta 1842 1920 Weidner, Caroline Wife of Isaac 36 years 3 months 20 days N/D 26 Jun 1865 Weidner, Emanuel What is more, blessed than to make the earth more fruitful? 1878 1953 Weidner, Gertie 1901 1907 Weidner, Grace 1881 1963 Weidner, Hazel Our Baby 1912 1912 Weidner, John C. Son of Isaac and Caroline 2 years 18 days N/D 24 May 1863 Weidner, Levi 1835 1910 Weidner, Maggie Daughter of Isaac and Caroline 1 month 6 days N/D 16 Jan 1865 Weiser, Charlotte 1835 1966 Weiser, Mary Ellen 1864 1903 Witmyer, Samuel 23 Aug 1825 25 Jan 1903 Wyatt, Alice E. Mother 1865 1926 Wyatt, Job Father 1857 1907 Zehring, Catharine J. 1825 1897 Zehring, Catharine 1823 1857 Zehring, David 1817 1897 Zehring, Lucetta P. 1840 1873 Zimmerman, Jacob 1825 1894 Zimmerman, Lana 1876 1900 Zimmerman, Magdelene His wife 1818 1902 View full record
  14. Montgomery County Cemeteries •Bear Creek Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Beavertown Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Beth Abraham Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Bethel Cemetery West Milton, OH •Calvary Cemetery 1625 Calvary Avenue Dayton, OH 45409 (937) 293-1221 •Cedar Hill Cemetery Trotwood, OH •David Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Dayton National Cemetery VA Medical Center 4100 West Third Street Dayton, OH 45428-1008 (937) 262-2115 •Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery Dixie Dr at Melker Rd Dayton, OH •Dutch Cemetery Farmersville, OH •Ehrstine Cemetery Trotwood, OH •Ellerton Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Evergreen Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Fairview Cemetery West Milton, OH •Forest Hills Cemetery Vandalia, OH •Forney Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Furnas Cemetery West Milton, OH •Gebhart Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Germantown Cemetery Germantown, OH •Greencastle Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Herr Cemetery West Milton, OH •Highland Memorial Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Hill Grove Cemetery SR 725 (Central Avenue) Miamisburg, OH •Holp Cemetery Farmersville, OH •House of Jacob Cemetery North Dayton, OH •Landis Cemetery Brookville, OH •Marianist Brothers Cemetery University of Dayton 300 College Park Dayton, OH 45469 •Minnich Cemetery West Milton, OH •Monroe Cemetery West Milton, OH •Narrows Pet Cemetery North Dayton, OH •Nicholas Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Phillipsburg Cemetery Laura, OH •Pleasant Hill Cemetery Brookville, OH •Polk Grove Cemetery West Milton, OH •Poplar Hill Cemetery Tipp City, OH •Rehoboth Cemetery Springboro, OH •Riverview Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Shearer Cemetery Fishburg Drive & Ansburg Road Huber Heights, OH •Shiloh Cemetery North Dayton, OH •Slifer Cemetery Farmersville, OH •Swank Cemetery Laura, OH •Trissel Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Turner Cemetery Trotwood, OH •Warner Cemetery West Milton, OH •Washington Cemetery South Dayton, OH •West Memory Gardens Cemetery Miamisburg, OH •Westmont Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Willow View Cemetery 6519 Wagoner Ford Road Dayton, OH •Woodbourne Cemetery South Dayton, OH •Woodland Cemetery 118 Woodland Avenue Dayton, OH •Worman Cemetery Wellbaum Road just W of SR 49 Clay Township, OH View full record
  15. Montgomery County Funeral Homes American Cremation Service 5555 Philadelphia Drive Dayton, OH 45415 Arpp & Root Funeral Home 29 N Main Street Dayton, OH 45402 Arpp & Root Funeral Home 29 N Main Street Germantown, OH 45327 Baker Hazel & Snider Funeral Home And Crematory 5555 Philadelphia Drive Dayton, OH 45415 Bowman Funeral Chapel 2060 Germantown Street Dayton, OH 45408 Bradford Connelly & Glickler Funeral Home 1849 Salem Avenue Dayton, OH 45406 Brough Getts Funeral Home 102 S Second Street Miamisburg, OH 45342 Cherished Pets Cremation Services 1019 S Main Street Miamisburg, OH 45342 Dalton Funeral Home 6900 Weaver Road Germantown, OH 45327 Dayton Mortuary 4790 Sedgewick Drive Huber Heights, OH 45424 D & D Mortuary Service 6900 Weaver Road Germantown, OH 45327 Gebhart Schmidt Parramore Funeral Home 508 E Linden Avenue Miamisburg, OH 45342 Gilbert Fellers Funeral Home 3 Hay Avenue Brookville, OH 45309 Harris Funeral Home 49 Linden Avenue Dayton, OH 45403 House of Wheat Funeral Home 2107 N Gettysburg Avenue Dayton, OH 45406 Kindred Funeral Home 400 Union Boulevard Union, OH 45322 Loritts Neilson Funeral Home 3924 W Third Street Dayton, OH 45417 Magetti Gavin Funeral Home 1508 Valley Street Dayton, OH 45404 Marker & Heller Funeral Homes 1706 N Main St Dayton, OH 45424 Martin Funeral Home 5040 Frederick Pike Dayton, OH 45414 Mclin Funeral Home Incorporated 2801 N Gettysburg Avenue Dayton, OH 45406 Meyer Boehmer & Feucht Funeral Home 1733 Brown Street Dayton, OH 45409 Newcomer Funeral Home & Crematory 4104 Needmore Road Huber Heights, OH 45424 Newcomer Funeral Home & Crematory 3940 Kettering Boulevard Moraine, OH 45439 Oliver Funeral Home Incorporated 1000 N Broadway St # Sr Dayton, OH 45402 Roberts H H Funeral Home 38 S Gettysburg Avenue Dayton, OH 45417 Rogers Funeral Homes Incorporated 324 W Main Street New Lebanon, OH 45345 Rogers Funeral Homes Incorporated 110 W Main Street West Carrollton, OH 45449 Routsong Funeral Home & Cremation Service 6 Oakwood Avenue Dayton, OH 45409 Sanner Funeral Home 800 S Alex Road West Carrollton, OH 45449 Schlientz & Moore 820 Miamisburg Centerville Road Centerville, OH 45459 Schlientz & Moore 1632 Wayne Avenue Dayton, OH 45410 Skillman McDonald Funeral Home 257 W Main Street West Carrollton, OH 45449 Smith Funeral Home 368 S Broadway Street Trotwood, OH 45426 Swart Funeral Home 207 E Central Avenue West Carrollton, OH 45449 Thomas Funeral Home 4520 Salem Avenue Trotwood, OH 45416 Tobias Funeral Home 638 Watervliet Avenue Kettering, OH 45420 (937) 252-3122 Townsend Jones Bros Funeral Chapel 5025 W Third Street Dayton, OH 45427 Walter Getts Funeral Home 1235 N Main Street Dayton, OH 45405 Weaver Funeral Home 1231 N Main Street Dayton, OH 45405 Westbrock Funeral Home 1712 Wayne Avenue Dayton, OH 45410 Westbrock Funeral Home 5980 Bigger Road Kettering, OH 45440 View full record
  16. The New Hanover Township Historical Society was formed in 1988 to serve the township and five small villages within to seek and preserve local history. The museum is a small facility, located in an early schoolhouse in the village of Hanoverton. It provides an extensive genealogy research section with such things as family histories, early maps, information and memorabilia of early home life in the area. In addition, The Hanover Township Historical Society is responsible for the display and storage of many of the artifacts and written information from the Sandy and Beaver Canal, which came through the township in the early 1800’s. http://newhanoverhistory.org/ Organized in 1999, the purpose of the New Hanover Township Historical Society is to preserve the history, lore, and heritage of New Hanover Township. The society provides programs on its work to small groups and is actively planning workshops on local folk life and culture. COLLECTIONS Bridges of Columbiana County - news copies, pictures, papers Early 1900's pictures of the five local villages and the township Natural Register Studies for Hanoverton Village and Township Sandy and Beaver Canal - ledgers, various papers Political and Local Military Collections Local Genealogy; Lincoln Highway - various papers Early local school group pictures Local Obituaries CCGS Cemetery Location Books Township Village Histories McGuffey Readers and School memorabilia View full record
  17. With an original membership of almost 30, the Miamisburg Historical Society began in 1967, becoming the 166th historical organization in Ohio. Since that time, the Miamisburg Historical Society has continued to bridge the gap between the present and the past through public education, social functions and the preservation of local landmarks, the most significant being the Daniel Gebhart Tavern Museum, which served as a gathering place for local residents and as a resting place for those traveling through the area from 1811 until the mid-1800's. Today the fully restored log tavern is home to a wide variety of artifacts and memorabilia relating to the history of the area. Research materials, including genealogy resources, are also available. The Gebhart Tavern museum is located on the corner of Lock Street and Old Main Street in Miamisburg. Hours of operation are Sunday afternoons, May through October, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment upon request. http://miamisburg.or...cal_society.htm The Miamisburg Historical Society is a volunteer organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of data, artifacts and memorabilia relating to the history of the Star City and Miami Township. The Miamisburg Historical Society invites others who love and appreciate Miamisburg to join the Society in its search for our past as a means of enhancing our lives today, and the lives of future generations. It is your town. It is your Society. Join today! View full record
  18. The Oakwood Historical Society was established in 1974 to serve those who have an interest in the study and sharing of Oakwood's heritage. The mission of the Oakwood Historical Society is to research, preserve, publish, and promote interest in the history of the City of Oakwood, including government, schools, public enterprises, citizens, architecture, and buildings. To promote a link to the past, the Oakwood Historical Society features programs and events throughout the year. Since 1985 the home of the Oakwood Historical Society is the Long-Romspert Homestead situated on two acres of land at 1947 Far Hills Avenue in the heart of Oakwood. The Long-Romspert house is one of the earliest homes still existing in Oakwood. It is the oldest house to have been built and continuously occupied by one family. The primary house represents two distinctive styles of architecture, mid 19th century Victorian Italianate farmhouse and early 20th century suburban. The Homestead was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1987. http://www.oakwoodhistory.org/ In 1804, Colonel Robert Patterson purchased uninhabited land along the Miami River south of the city of Dayton. Patterson built a homestead along Brown Street in Dayton, and his farm, mill and out buildings occupied Northern Oakwood near Rubicon Road and along Schantz Avenue. In 1822, there were 10 taxpayers owning land in present day Oakwood. Settler William Kramer owned 60 acres on which he cultivated orchards and vineyards. He also grew expansive flower gardens for visitors to stroll and enjoy. His original property today straddles Kettering and Oakwood and contains the Dayton Country Club. Large farms appeared on the east side of present-day Oakwood. The terrain was rocky, but relatively flat. The west side of Oakwood was unsuitable for farming, so land owners opened stone and gravel quarries. The Long-Romspert family owned a quarry behind their home (the present-day historical society). The quarry ran the length of what is today Coolidge Drive. View full record
  19. The Clay Township Historical Society was established in 1998 for the purpose of preserving the past for future generations. We became a registered non-profit 501 ©(3) organization in 2000. Our headquarters building at 8991 Wellbaum Road was the former Worman AKA Swanktown School built in 1860. It is leased to us by Martin-Marietta Aggregates for $1.00 per year, however, we are responsible for ongoing expenses. Your support in the form of memberships and donations of money and historical items are important for us to grow as an organization. All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Donations of your time and talents are also needed for research, cataloging, programming and maintenance of the building and grounds. We are open the first Sunday of the month from 1 PM to 4 PM - April through November. Admission for members is free - admission for non-members is by donation. Meetings are held at 7 PM on the third Thursday of the month from April through November. All are welcome to attend and bring along old photos and stories to share. http://www.claytowns...torical-society Like this View full record
  20. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler. This web site is intended to inform you of the society's goals, accomplishments, and activities. These achievements are the result of an ambitious plan to collect, restore and preserve the unique history of Butler Township and Vandalia. Our country's historic sites allow us to learn first hand about our national history and our diverse regional and cultural identities. Without the preservation of historic places in our communities, a tangible part of our culture that teaches us who we are as Americans could be lost forever. http://www.historica...lia-butler.org/ The Historical Society of Vandalia and Butler Township has been actively collecting, preserving and displaying local treasures of our predecessors for over thirty years. The Society's primary purpose has been to make every effort to reach out and make our local history available to everyone, and this continues to be our overwhelming commitment. Hence, sharing our new web site with you "in the comfort of your home" is just another way we can reach out and keep everyone informed as to the many museum structures, photos, stories, maps, etc., that await you when you, your family and friends visit our beautiful, tranquil and spacious grounds. The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler was founded in 1977 as an out-growth of the Vandalia Bicentennial. We had purchased the Log House, but didn't have a home for it until 1980 when Mary C. Hoottinger donated her homestead and 8 1/2 aces to the Historical Society. The first deed of this property on Alkaline Springs Road was recorded in Volume One of the Montgomery County Deed Book. It was considered public land and was purchased from the government by Benjamin Furnas in 1825, and originally consisted of 154 acres. The deed was signed by John Q. Adams. View full record
  21. The mission of the Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society is to connect the community to its' heritage by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and promoting the history of our local area. http://www.centervil...gov/cwthistory/ In 1996, Centerville and Washington Township celebrated their Bicentennial. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 designated the area north of the Ohio River as the Northwest Territory. The men and their families that came to start a new life in the wilderness were courageous and self reliant. Many of the first settlers in our community came as a result of land grants or war bounties given to them for payment for their service in the Revolutionary War. Part of their legacy to us includes the high standards that they set for their new home. The story of our community, the development and progress of life in Centerville and Washington Township, starts with them. Our community has always been a strong farming community and even though most of the farms are gone, we still value and respect the land as evidenced in our zoning laws and the importance that we place on parks and green space. The stone that was used to build our many stone buildings was very important in our economic and cultural history, and those stone buildings symbolize our lasting quality as a community. And the many citizens who live here, whose families have been here for many, many generations show that Centerville-Washington Township must be a great place to live. There are many reasons to learn local history. Fran Puterbaugh Holyoke, one of our first local history authors, was proud of our community and felt that part of that pride came from knowing where the community had been and how it had evolved. Celia Elliott, editor of the historical society's first publication, says that the old phrase "you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been" describes why she thinks local history is important. And for Martha Boice, local history author and authority on the landmarks of our community, knowing local history is the process of being at home in the community. Our community has a very interesting and rich history, and we are proud to tell the stories that are the background to today's active community. View full record
  22. The Randolph Township Historical Society, Inc. was founded on January 14, 1998, shortly after the merger of the unincorporated parts of old Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio with the municipality of Clayton, Ohio. The township boundaries now encompass the three cities of Clayton, Englewood, and Union. On July 27, 1998, the society was incorporated in the State of Ohio as a non profit group. We are registered with both the state and federal IRS as a 501©3 charitable organization. Memberships in our society reached 106 in 1998. Annual memberships continue to hold around 260. If you have an interest in the history of this area, why not join or renew today? http://www.rths.org/ Our group has assumed the responsibility of collecting photos, information, articles, and related materials that pertain to the history and activities of our forefathers who lived in the rural areas of the township (now Clayton), or in early towns such as Union, the Village of Clayton (known as Salem in early times), and Englewood (also known as Harrisburg and Iamton). We are committed to seeing that historical items from this area are properly documented and preserved for future generations. To be successful, we need your support through membership and donations. We also ask that you share or donate local family genealogies, histories and photos; photos of local sites, business and church records, etc. We also seek members who can volunteer their time in helping us inventory, catalog and archive all donated materials. There is a niche within our group for everyone who shares an interest in the history of this area, even though you may live far away. We hope to hear from you! View full record
  23. Montgomery County obtained its territory from Hamilton county in 1803. As of 2000, the population was 559,062. It was named in honor of Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War general killed in 1775 while attempting to capture Quebec City, Canada. The county seat is Dayton. Cities, towns, and villages (past and present) of Montgomery County are Brookville, Butler Township, Carlisle, Centerville, Clay Township, Clayton, Dayton, Dayton Township, Drexel, Englewood, Farmersville, Fort McKinley, German Township, Germantown, Harrison Township, Huber Heights, Jackson Township, Jefferson Township, Kettering, Mad River Township, Madison Township, Miami Township, Miamisburg, Moraine, New Lebanon, Northridge, Oakwood, Perry Township, Phillipsburg, Randolph Township, Riverside, Shiloh, Springboro, Trotwood, Union, Van Buren Township, Vandalia, Verona, Washington Township, Wayne Township, West Carrollton, and Woodbourne-Hyde Park. View full record
  24. Interment.net Calvary Cemetery Dayton National Cemetery Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery Forest Hills Cemetery Hill Grove Cemetery Marianist Brothers Cemetery (U of Dayton) Shearer Cemetery Willow View Cemetery Woodland Cemetery Worman Cemetery http://www.interment.net/us/oh/montgomery.htm Find A Grave http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=csr&CScn=&CScntry=4&CSst=37&CScnty=2096 View full record
  25. The Historical Society was founded in 1964 to help preserve local historic sites, to expand our knowledge and understanding of history, and to share that knowledge with the community. http://www.trappehis...muhlenberg.html 610-489-7560 Info@TrappeHistoricalSociety.org YoWebmaster@TrappeHistoricalSociety.org View full record
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