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Society: Union Cemetery Historical

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      The Union Cemetery Historical Society (UCHS) was organized in 1984 under the guidance of the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department. Its original purpose was to collect data about historic Union Cemetery and to gather biographical information about the people buried here. As a result of those efforts, the UCHS published “Tombstone Inscriptions” in 1986, a hard-bound book that lists many of those who rest in the cemetery.

      The UCHS also published a series of 10 pamphlets containing collections of obituaries and biographical sketches gathered mostly from microfilm copies of old newspapers. In some cases these death notices and/or obituaries are the only records we have of individuals buried in Union Cemetery.

      The files in the Sexton’s cottage provide access to the cemetery burials. They contain a wealth of genealogical and biographical information collected my members of the UCHS and/or donated by visitors.

      The society’s mission has expanded over the years to include partnering with the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department to preserve and protect Union Cemetery’s grounds as well as its records. To this end the UCHS has overseen tree planting, headstone restoration and re-setting and fund raising to enhance the beauty and security of the cemetery. The society also provides guided and self-guided tours of the cemetery as well as speakers for civic and other organizations in the Kansas City area.


     If you have a genealogy question, would like to know Sexton cottage hours of operation, become a member of the UCHS, or to volunteer to help the UCHS in its mission to preserve and protect Union Cemetery for future generations, please call 816-472-4990.

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