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Society: Comal County Genealogical

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      The Comal County Genealogy Society is dedicated to preserving and publishing genealogical information in Comal County and environs to assist our members and others in the pursuit of their family Histories.

     New Braunfels, the County Seat of Comal County, has a wealth of historical data in the various churches, the County Clerk's Office, and the Sophienburg Archives.  The Society accesses all of these and more to compile and publish interesting and informative books, which we hope, save genealogist, present and future, vast amounts of time.

      All regular Membership meetings held on the second Tuesday of the month will meet at 7:30 p. m. in the meeting room of the Sophienburg Museum and Archives, located at 401 West Coll, except for September and October 2007.  A Board of Directors meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. precedes all regular meetings. Other months we go on tours or visit other Genealogy Societies.  Visitors are encouraged to attend.


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