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The Southwest Florida Historical Society (SWFLHS) was established in 1960 by a group of citizens to “preserve the history of our area”.

In 1983 the SWFLHS received as a gift a building that was destined to be demolished by the City for a new parking lot. Harper Brothers Construction donated the building and Flint and Doyle was contracted to move the building to the campus of the Lee County Alliance of the Arts. Siting the building to its current location on the Alliance property was completed and renovations started to bring the building up to City and County Building Codes.

In 1984 the SWFLHS received its Articles of Incorporation with the following purpose:

“The mission of the society is to discover, collect and preserve original and source documents, maps and photographs pertaining to the history of SW Florida.

To bring together those interested in the history of this area; to promote and stimulate public interest and appreciation of the history of this area; and to further the preservation and knowledge of Southwest Florida's past.”



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