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Society: Plymouth Historical

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     Collect, preserve and display locally significant historical materials which help establish and illustrate the history of Plymouth. We seek to operate a center for research centered on Plymouth, neighboring towns. This center will also provide internet access to promote wider collaborative and supportive study.


      The first meeting of the Plymouth Vermont Historical Society was held on Oct. 10, 1988 at the home of Barbara Mahon in Frog City. The house was built in 1800 by Captain John Coolidge for his daughter Catherine Elizabeth Coolidge as she married Joseph Sawyer. Officers were Betty Jarvi, president; Eliza Ward, vice-president; Bette Anne Sailer, secretary.; and Vivian Blanchard, treasurer. Barbara Chiolino, Betty Barton Bailey and Barbara Mahon were also present. In 1994 the Plymouth Vermont Historical Society was given 501©3, non-profit status, and a museum located in the former town office building was established. Artifacts continued to be collected and displayed and programs of historical interest were offered periodically. Membership was small but dedicated. Betty Jarvi, Midge Tucker, Eliza Ward and Melissa Lynds continued to provided leadership and inspiration as the historical society expanded and improved.

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