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Society: Rochester Historical

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     The Rochester Historical Society located at the Rochester Public Library will be unavailable to visitors until further notice – after renovation to the building site which will likely be Summer 2015. Thanks to all for your understanding. We can be contacted through the website and the e-mail address, and hopefully will be able to answer your questions.


At the Rochester Public Library, 2nd Floor

The Rochester Historical Society Museum is located at 22 South Main Street in the historic Rochester Public Library building, in the center of Rochester Village. This building, with historic memorial stained glass windows, was formerly the Universalist Church, whose Society merged with the Congregational Church in 1925. The building was deeded to the trustees of the Rochester Public Library in 1934.

Exhibit Hours

The Museum is generally open from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00, depending upon the availability of volunteer staff. A telephone call in advance will likely confirm that the Museum is or can be open.

Telephone: (802) 767-4453

E-mail: admin@rochesterhistorical.org

Mailing Address:

Rochester Historical Society

P.O. box 428

Rochester, VT 05767

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