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Society: Hartland Historical

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      In 1916 a local group of historians met in the newly built Damon Hall and drafted a Constitution. “The association shall be called the Hartland Historical Society and shall consist of active and contributing members. The object of this society shall be to discover, collect, preserve and create an interest in, whatever relates to the history of Hartland, Vermont”.


      We are working to maintain that mission with our museum building at 14 Rt12 in Hartland. Our hours are Mondays from 1 to 4 and Fridays from 9 to 11. We have artifacts that have been generously given or loaned to us over all these years. They consist of items, pictures, letters, diaries and more from local families, town and church records and those of other organizations. We have items of interest from other areas: the stove from the first library, the movie projectors used for public films in the early 1900's uniforms, war posters and other artifacts from Hartlanders who served our country in different wars. Of special interest is our library of cemetery records, genealogies, and school records. Now, thanks to the internet, we are answering requests from an ever broadening audience and learning more to add to our library, as well.

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