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Place: Weston Museums

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    Don’t miss these treasures in the heart of Weston. Each museum is a sight to behold! Perfectly preserved to provide much more than a glimpse into life in the early nineteenth century, lose yourself and hear the sounds of those who built, lived and worked in Weston’s museums. Open to the public, these buildings are staffed and maintained solely by volunteers from Weston, a town that really cares about the preservation of Weston’s long and wonderful history. At the Farrar-Mansur House, your very friendly and knowledgeable hosts will tell you all you want to know about how cooking was done on wood fires in the fireplace, how rocking chairs were designed to help moms hold babies, how beds were warmed in winter using warm rocks and so much more. Learn about how so many “modern household conveniences” from back in the day were designed and constructed to serve a practical purpose from the materials at hand. At the Old Mill, you will see how a grist mill operated and how the power of water was harnessed to do many tough tasks! And lastly, be sure to visit the town’s first firehouse!


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