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Abstract: Athens County


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   Athens County obtained its territory from Washington county in 1805. The county seat is Athens. Because the state university (Ohio University) was founded there in 1804, the town and the county were named for the ancient center of learning, Athens, Greece. Cities, towns, and villages (past and present) of Athens County are Albany, Alexander, Ames, Amesville, Athens, Beebe, Bern, Brown Township, Buchtel, Canaan, Carbondale, Carthage, Chauncey, Coolville, Doanville, Dover, Ebon, Elk Township, Enterprise, Frost, Glen, Glouster, Guysville, Hebbardsville, Hockingport, Imperial, Jackson, Jacksonville, Lee, Lodi, Marion Township, Mineral, Nelsonville, New Berne, New England, New Floodwood, New Marshfield, Pleasanton, Redtown, Rome, Shade, Sharpsburg, Stewart, The Plains, Trimble, Troy, Vinton Township, Ward Township, Waterloo, & York.

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