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     Carl Campbell was the first person in Knoxville to feel that Marion County needed a Historical Society. In 1937, Carl purchased a collection from John Wright, which consisted of 6 Y2 trailer loads of books, newspaper clippings and Museum articles of local interest. Included in this collection was a fossil collection that and school children became interested in.

     Mr. Campbell prepared his first exhibit. He traveled to various schools to present his exhibit and discuss Marion County history with the children. In 1951, Carl had attempted to organize a local Historical Society with the support of several local organizations and the Mahaska County Historical Society. This first attempt at starting the organization was not successful



     The construction of the Marion County Museum building was made possible by a generous bequest from the Pearl Culbertson Anderson estate in 1969. Additional donations from the public sped the completion. The school house was the first building to be added and subsequently other additions have enlarged the site to the present 8 buildings of the Village.

Our mission is to educate the public about the history of Marion County and to enable members and visitors to appreciate our past.

Marion County Historical Society
PO Box 21
Knoxville, Iowa 50138

We are staffed by volunteers. Please call (641) 204-9143 (Curator) or (641) 891-2397 (President) to make sure we can be open if you are coming a great distance or need to schedule after hours tours

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