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Society: Creighton Historical Society

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     Fortunate beyond its understanding, our community has a both a Historical Society and Historical Center to help commemorate our community’s history and educate others on Creighton’s past and beginnings. The Creighton Historical Center was formed in 1992 to 1) support the historical preservation of the area, 2) promote public utilization and appreciation of historical buildings in the area, and 3) further the economic and social well being of Creighton and the surrounding area. Currently, the Historical Society boasts more than 60 members.



     The Historical Center is truly a special museum for visitors to come and learn about the History of Creighton and its surrounding area. If you just cannot get enough during your visit, the Center also has Centennial Books available for purchase, which were created for Creighton’s 100th Birthday and have over 120 pages of historical information and photos. Please call the Creighton Historical Center for more information. We sure hope to see you soon!!!


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