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Society: Cheyenne Historical Society and Museum

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     The Cheyenne County Historical Society and Museum provides access to these materials for educational and research purposes, and for personal enjoyment. Permission to reproduce these images in any form other than for personal individual use must be obtained in writing from the Cheyenne County Historical Society and Museum. The user assumes responsibility for all questions concerning copyright violation, photographic releases, invasion of privacy, slander, and/or libel resulting from the use of the texts, images, or recordings. While the Cheyenne County Historical Society and Museum has been granted permissions authority from individuals providing the images, copyright for some material(s) on these pages may be held by others. The transmission or reproduction of these protected items, beyond that of fair use, requires the written permission of the copyright owner(s). Additionally, copyright on some historical materials appearing here may be difficult or impossible to determine; nevertheless, determinations of appropriate use are the responsibility of the user.

      Cheyenne County Historical Society and Museum, located in Sidney, worked with the Nebraska Library Commission to digitize items from their collection of historical photographs representing people and places of Sidney, Fort Sidney, Potter, Dalton and other communities and sites in the county. Images in this collection include photographs showing business districts in the heart of these towns, troops stationed at the fort, and William Jennings Bryan speaking at the Cheyenne County Court House.


Cheyenne County Historical Society and Museum
544 Jackson
P.O. Box 596
Sidney, NE 69162

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