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German Genealogical Word Lists

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Here are a few links to common words used in German church and parish records that may be helpful in finding your family:

German Genealogical Word List by Wiki: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/German_Genealogical_Word_List

Using German Church Records by Elsie Saar: http://narafriends-pittsfield.org/gechurch.htm
*This site also provides some guidance on what you can find in the records and using them.

Key German Words: http://www.stemwedegenealogy.com/terminology.htm

Examples of German Script: http://hast.name/script.pdf
*This site also includes examples of German script and the alphabet.

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This is the better of the links established.  Still not enough words though.  I am still finding more times when I must use the large dictionary to find something and even then it may seem variant of the word written in the church book.  Maybe it is just a 400 year old language that I am reading and the words aren't used anymore in the same way?

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