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Is Archion worth trying?

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I set up a 3x month account and tested its functionality and usage.  I like the site, there is enough English to make its use easily grasped, even if you have no linguistic ability with German, you can still find your records if you know where your ancestors came from.

Though a big part of your decision must be the records they possess and how they portend to research in your expected region.  I myself am interested in northern Germany and western Hesse.  These records are sparse on Archion.  I will state that a recent communication from them indicates they MAY be making progress in acquiring those records.



PS: There is a sale price offering currently underway.  A 1 year subscription seems reasonable.

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I went for the 1 year discount price.  They indicate that Northern Germany and hopefully Hesse and Rheinland Pfalz are on the docket, but they don't give an estimated date.  We shall see.  There is already enough material for me to get through anyway.  I have some records for Speyer and a few in Hesse that are needed for my tree.

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Hello!  I have been a member of Archion since 2019. They have good info. If you haven't checked lately, they added a LOT of records for north Germany in the spring 2020... (I was searching Rendsburg-Eckenförde)...

Too late now, but in March 2020 they were offering a year subscription for the price of 3 months... 

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I have kept my membership active and am still hopeful they bring forth those churches that are still not presented.  They have done very well at acquiring new records.

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