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Obituary, Chris Nielson (Nielsen)

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His parents were Chris and Anna Nielsen, the former of whom died in Denmark, where the latter still lives today in her 91st year, Of their 4 children, two live in Nebraska, Niels C. and Chris, the latter of whom conducts a store in Rockville Nebraska. The Father owned a farm of 144 acres and was considered prosperous.

Baptism Record

1862, His baptism record indicates his parents are from Frausing and that he was baptized on the 9th of June at the Hinge church in Denmark. His father was a hussmand and his mother was 34 years of age. At the event, Pigen Maren Nielsen of Svostrup and Pigen Mette Marie Christensen of Astrup were attendants. Mette is his Aunt that is now living in the Hinge area. Other witnesses were: Ungkarl Thomas Martin Andersen of Groenbaek, Jorgen Petersen and Martin Petersen of Frausing.

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