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The Early Settlers Of Holland Township, N.J.


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Table of Contents:



Misc Newspaper Articles from the Hunterdon Independent

Early Settlers of Holland Township

  Includes early land owners and historical and genealogical information on the early families including: Johnson, Rapp, Sinclair, Hager, Snyder, Bloom, Brodhead, Moore, Vanderbilt, Brink, Tinsman, Sailor, Wieder, Quin, Pursell, Metler, Lippencott, Clark, Zearfoss, Fraley, Eichlin, Riegel, Fine, Burgstresser, Angel, Bellis, Butler, and others...

Sketch of Holland Prior to the Organization of the Presbyterian Church

Reminiscences by Jesse Sinclair

History of Holland School

Misc. Sinclair family and Holland Township Information

Jesse Sinclair Memoir

Index of Illustrations



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So, the tract in question passed through many different deaths and inheritances.  Sometime around January 1771 was a transaction that passed the property to William Allen and Joseph Turner. When do the taxes begin?

Another date of note is March 4th 1776 when the property passed to a son James Hamilton of Bush Hill or later of Philadelphia.

The last date of note, and very key, is 1793 when is appears many in this area had to either buy the lands they rented or move on.


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