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Next Steps in Researching Robinson Surname

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Chester County - Formed 1682
Lancaster County - Formed from Chester in 1729

ROBINSONS came over on ship between 1780-1803?
Rev War - 1793-1803? Not the dates for the war but the time-period that might impact travel.
No travel dates? 1776-1784?
Leaves us with 1784-1803 for immigration?

Ancestry (w/ Strategy of Searches):

Thomas ROBINSON - ? (?) - 1804 (Martic, Lancaster, PA)
- It is known at John ROBINSON (Sr)'s father's name was Thomas. This does not mean that this Thomas is mine.
- Who is James Ankrim and why was he and Agnes both in Thomas' Will?
- Look at tax records
- Look at 17900 Census
- In PA Septennial Census 1786 & 1793 - There is a John Robinson in both these censuses.
     Agnes UNKNOWN

John ROBINSON (Sr) - 1780 (?) - 1853 (Martic Township, Lancaster)
- Where is John ROBINSON (Sr) in the 1840 & 1850 censuses? Perhaps with son/daughter-in-law or daughter/son-in-law?
- Tax records in Martic, Lancaster, PA?
- Naturalizations at State Archives? These are not at the Lancaster County Archives; at least not for the dates I am searching.
- Revolutionary War recs? (1820s, 1830s)
     Eleanor UNKNOWN
     Married? 1805-1810?

John ROBINSON (Jr) - 1816 (PA) - (OH)
- Search for church records to get John ROBINSON's birth.
     Eliza Jane HARVEY

Milton Harvey ROBINSON - 1854 (OH) - 1916 (OH)
     Lydia Ann LEE

Richard W. ROBINSON - 1885 (OH) - 1974 (OH)
     Maude DIPERT

John Milton ROBINSON - 1909 (OH) 2013 (OH)
     Josephine DULGAR

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