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After a period of time we dicided to place a bit more time into the data and information concerning Europe.  This latest forum construct is alo being supported by a DB and page structure.  Our early efforts will focus on Germany as that is a primary path for our own research, but I will also begin adding more links for Denmark, Sweden, England, and possibly France and Belgium as time goes by.


Hope there is something of interest that you may find.

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another round of upgrades.....

Yesterday I completed my first draft page for the District of Ditmarschen, in the state of Schleswig- Holstein, Germany,  Though it only has the beginnings of high quality infromation, it is a nice step where more information can be presented using our automation and dynamic page creation along with 3 integrated databases.  In time I will begin to get more information about Marne, surrounding church regions, archives and images.

If you have any suggestions, please post at your convenience.

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