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Society: Sons of the American Revolution: Fairfax Resolves Chapter


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The chapter is fortunate to reside in such a historically rich geography that allows annual participation in such exciting events on our nation’s history. Many of these take place predominately around and in our Nation’s Capital, Old Town Alexandria and Fairfax cities, Mount Vernon and across the Middle Atlantic States. Additional activities include honoring our local law enforcement officers and firefighters with SAR awards, judging youth poster and oratorical contests, honoring local Patriots by marking their graves and/or enjoying a fabulous lunch or dinner with a captivating speaker. New members have so many ways to get involved in the work of the SAR. Our members are also active at the state and national levels of the SAR, serving as national officers, state officers and as state and national committee members.

In all of our programs and events, SAR members work diligently to remember and honor the Patriots who won our freedom to form our proud nation. Our collective efforts perpetuate their legacies to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, patriotism and respect for our national symbols, including but not limited to promoting pride in being American citizens and the unifying force of e pluribus unum (Out of many, One) that has created, from the people of many nations, one nation and one people.


Our regular monthly meetings are held September through May across a diverse set of venues such as historic Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria, VA, The Mount Vernon Inn and once a quarter at the beautiful Country Club of Fairfax near George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. These meetings generally feature a prominent speaker in a field related to the American Revolution, U.S. history and government, or other key issues of the day.

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