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Another trip to Germany


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Not sure when I will get another chance to go, but I hope this covid-19 stuff is contained and I also hope to get back to the fatherland and have some time for research.


This trip will center around Hesse and Rheinland Pfalz.  Therefore I am trying to conduct some pre-trip planning into the Darmstadt Archives, Wiesbaden Archives, Hachenburg, Limburg, and potentially Koblenz.


Any thoughts you might have to help me prepare are welcomed.

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I was able to connect with the evangelican church in Rheinland Pfalz.  I can review records in Boppard Germany so that may be something to plan for.  It is also a nice former Roman City State or independent town.  It looks like a nice place to tour and maybe get some research in as well. 


I think I want to get more information about Maxsain and Gieleroth.  I think the later is in the Almersbach churchbook and it should be in these archives.

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