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I am an amateur genealogist, have been doing research on and off as my time allowed for the last 15-20 years.  I live in the greater DC area.  I am a curious type, read a lot and dabble in a little bit of everything.  Big chunks of both my maternal and paternal lines have been here on the North American Continent since before the revolution, although I just recently found a whole line that goes back to Switzerland that I didn’t know anything about...by the way, I was in Belgium for the Centennial of the end of WWI and visited the only WWI American cemetery in Belgium.  I have some assorted photos that I could post somewhere if there is an appropriate spot.

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Thanks for posting.  You should be able to create your own photo album in the gallery to post pictures.  If you are ok with having them posted here into the regional area we try to have information describing the picture and then we can post it giving you photo credit of course.


We are also hobbyists that also like to dabble in internet sites.



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