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Altstadt Taufregister 1661-1717, Trauregister 1661-1717


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Zentralarchiv der Evang. Kirche > Dekanat Marienberg > Altstadt > Taufregister 1661-1717, Trauregister 1661-1717



I am returning to the original records and will be reading each entry from front to back.  All entries in which I find the Dünschmann name will be transcribed into my tree using this as the source.


Subsequent posts will detail my progress through the book and any lingering questions from the reading.

A few to notice.  Archion first image is image 5, but this is not the first page of the book,  Archion image 4 seems to be missing. 

When I review LDS film 1340472 this first page is displayed in the film and thankfully has a Dünschmann record located near the top of the page!

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