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The 5 Immigrant Dunschmanns, Westerwald

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Yes, I am starting again. I cannot find any information of value at Ancestry.  The site is terrible to use.  The trees are so full of false data I have no idea what to believe or reject. The following 5 Dunschmann men supposedly came to America in the 1700's.  I will build a generational tree for each of them and see if there is any chance to build a long family tree to link to relatives of today.

Johann Peter Dunschmann

Johan Theiss Dunschmann

Michael Dunschmann

Paulus Dunschmann

Johann Gerhard Dunschmann



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I believe I have sufficient information to place Johann Theiss Dunschmann in bucks county  I also have his church records showing he was married; or not, but at least had a child by his cousin apparently.  This occurred in Germany before his departure to America.  The son was born and names Adam.  Subsequent records in Pennsylvania indicate that Adam stated he was born in Germany and arrived with his family to Bucks County.  Another interesting note, is that just prior to emigrating, Theiss married another woman in Germany.  Seems his first love passed away and he was left raising Adam on his own, he married a second time and left for America shortly after.  Upon arriving in Pennsylvannia, he settled in Bucks county and there are quite a series of quality tax and land records to show the life there, his children, and their subsequent family expansion and migration to other parts of both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


So, I think I have determined where one of the 5 men has established himself in the colonies.

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Still working the Dunschmann names. I have been transcribing all of the church records in the Westerwald that I have been able to attain.  It is a challenging and tedious effort, but I think I am finding assocaitions through the records that may help make sense of their emigration and settlement in America.

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