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Frantz or Hutte

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In the early Altstadt records this family seems to be names Hutte.  Records are often written strangely with the name written as "Hutten Peter's" which is almost a possessive.  In later records that I am reading beginning around 1675 there seems to be a few records that begin with the the written name as Hutte, but then the name Frantz is written over the top.


I am going to record the family as Frantz, with an AKA as Hutte for now to see how things turn out.  This is not the only family where strange entries exist, but it is one of note as the Dunschmanns do marry into this line.

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I have continued to transcribe the baptisms of Altstadt over the last month.  Finally I am seeing it documented in the records that the name of Hutte is falling away and changing to Frantz.  In the Baptism of Michel Hutte's child in Mar of 1683 it actually identifies his name along with Hans Gerhard Hutte as being called Frantz.

Hutte is yet today a location along route 413 Southwest from Hachenburg.  I have driven through the main road in the village and it seems a pleasant place.  In the future I migth just visit and see if I can find any of the old markers in the town that align with a old lodge or hut.


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