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Gehlert or Gielenroth, solved

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I have finally come to a conclusion about the references to Gehlert, Beyroth, Gielenrodt, Gieleroth.  The following record has been the straw that broke the camels back for me.  This is the baptism entry with godparents.  In it Johann Theiss Rub is having his first child, at the event is his sister Anna Catharina, her father referenced (Adam). Christ Frantz and Tonges Licht all have previous associations with Geyleroth and this has led some to believe the entry means another village near Altenkirchen.

Baptism: child of Johann Thiess Rub, Sep 1682, Geyleroth
Christ Frantz von Geylert
Christ, Tonges Licht noch ledige sohn
Anna Catharina, Adam Rub (D) noch ledige tochter auch Beyde von Geylert

It DOES NOT.  Past opinion that these families were living in Gielenroth near the Altenkirchen area are not coming true when thoroughly investigating the written record.  These people listed in the Altstadt church book are all from today's GEHLERT.  

PS: Adam RUB is Johann Theiss' father, Anna is his sister.  Their previous records show them living in Beylroth and Geyleroth, now it should be clear to see this original records are indicating the town that lies Southeast of Hachenburg, and GEHLERT.

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