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This is a known ancestral name for my family.  I have been researching the name for some time now, but I a still not 100% sure which Dünschmann male was my paternal father.  It seems that at least 5x Dünschmann males arrived in the colonies between 1740 and 1753, some went to NJ, NY, or PA. I alos have a single record that indicates another Dünschmann along the Hudson in 1720's.


Lastly, it would seem most of this family grouping came to America from the Hachenburg area of the Westerwald district in the Rheinland Pfalz.


I guess this is why I love the hobby.  A lot of fun trying to find the truth.


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Upon further work I believe I have located 3 of the 5 males that are identified as:

Not found

Johann Peter Dünschmann

Paulus Dünschmann


Johann Thiess Dünschmann

Michael Dünschmann

Johann Gerhard Dünschmann


I have also uncovered another male that was identified very early in colonial history.  His name is found in a Dutch church record as, Mathias Tinsman. Could this be another Dünschmann that made it to America?

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