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Church dates records in Altstadt, prior to 1700


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I have been spending a great amount of time transcribing the records.  Over the months I have wondered about some of the dates as associated to the pre 1700 Julian calendar.  I have come to my own conclusion that the church records as they use a liturgical date are not using the Julian calendar.  

Upon further research it seems that many areas switched the the Gregorian calendar before 1700.  What this means to me, is that those dates that are estimated due to the liturgical entry are actually 10 days off.  For example: by 9 March 1692 an entry states the baptism took place on Oculi.  In 1692 according to the Julian calendar that places the data on the 28th of February.  However, the pastor also wrote in the date as 9 March 1692.  Another entry for Latare indicates it is in the 16 Martz in 1692, again a full 10 days after the liturgical entry on the Julian calendar.

Maybe this is not so important to many, but I would like to best understand events and history, so for me I can say that Altstadt changed to using the Gregorian calendar before 1692, maybe as early as Pastor Goebel took charge. 

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I have continued to look at these dates and am convinced they chose the Gregorian calendar very early.  It is possible that the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the Catholics and the area had both churches so they moved ahead as well,

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